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  1. Lots of good tips in this thread. My swing is undertaking a revolution right now. Everything is being overhauled. Too many thoughts in my head before the swing. They all make sense, and I need to do them, but I think I should be more concise in my mental chatter. Eventually, words will turn to feelings in the swing and then those will be replaced by other thoughts and things I'm working on. I'm not the OP, but thanks everyone!
  2. Well formulated points. I am a higher handicap player and my personal priority for what is interpreted as forgiveness favors accuracy over distance. You may very well have much less of a pronounced distance drop. Your handicap is lower than mine. But keep in mind that the discussion is geared upon speaking about GI irons. Which, fundamentally, we’re designed for player in my handicap range. Hence, my opinion on the matter also has merit because of my perspective. Ultimately, as @fixyurdivot exclaimed before everything is highly subjective. Your input is well received and appreciated. Mine makes sense too. I certainly hope to get my game to a point where A mid-hit can yield only a ~5 yard drop!
  3. I have an old Ping G 7-wood and love it. It feels that 50% of my shots come out from under trees . I’ve got a Srixon ZX 3-iron coming the mail. Soon, my prayers will be answered .
  4. In my research they’re kind of in the middle. Small enough to be able to shape the shot, but forgiving enough to lean into the GI category. Of the 10,000 Youtube videos and online reviews I perused before purchasing, they lean more towards a players iron than an GI iron. This is also evidenced in the 15-20 yard drop on mis-hits. Although straight, a GI iron would sit around a 10 yard loss.
  5. Very nice set for the value!
  6. Kind of a broad question. So many irons. So many players. Lots of folks starting like a hollow body design. Sub 70 699 series is a good affordable starting point if you want to buy new.
  7. I am LOVING my Srixon ZX5 set! Not classified as fully forgiving, buuut they run super straight. A miss hit will generate a ~15 yard loss, but always in line. It’s nuts!
  8. Can’t wait. It’s tough to use a 9 or PW and hit something within 10-ft. You want ti put enough velocity in it to pick the ball up, but not too much to let it run too far.
  9. Super excited for this! May the luckiest guy/gal win. Here is my responses. I’ve been very interested in hollow back designs. My current irons have tungsten weighting and I love the feel! Andrew / McAllen, TX Srixon ZX5 (5-PW) 22 I would love to review this set and cross it against my own irons. The ZX5 series is know for it’s feel. I want to see what a full hollow body plays like and sounds against my own.
  10. I was thinking about purchasing some plane tickets until I read this. Is one allowed to protest the egregious amount of protests in Portland?
  11. Irons came in a few days ago. Took them to the range. Very impressed! Fast shipping. Responsive seller. Came in the condition that matched the photos. Thanks @Tzoid08! Very happy with my purchase!
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