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  1. Update, while I liked the 659CBs I ultimately returned them and went with some Apex Pro 21s via pre-owned. Numbers were great on sim, but turf interaction was not what I wanted out in the real world. Picked up a couple of the JB wedges in black and absolutely love those so far, wish it had worked out with the 659s and still an amazing company to work with, return process could not have been easier.
  2. 100%, have been playing this ball for first time this year and can confirm it turns a two club wind into a three club wind real quick. Cross wind it plays fun but something about going into a headwind kills this ball.
  3. Just got back from a Trackman sesh with the new 659CBs, hit them great, unfortunately the bozo at Golf Galaxy set it up wrong so the data didn't upload into my account for comparison but the 6 iron to 6 iron from my fitting looked to be a few yard longer on the 659s than the Srixons. No complaints the clubs felt great and performed and felt very similar to the Srixon 7 and Apex Pro 21s I was hitting at my fitting a few weeks prior. The guys at Golf Galaxy were drooling over them a bit and asking a lot of questions about Sub 70 after watching me hit them (pretty slow day in there). No issue on dispersion either, saw a couple flyers that looked more like trackman data issues than real life, and the toe hits (my miss) only lost a few yards and generally looked playable. Hopefully I will be able to get them out on real grass here soon. But all indications as of now are these are the new gamers.
  4. Just got my shipping notice for the 659 CBs, hope to get them this week and test them out soon. Have my trackman data saved from fitting at Club Champ so will be able to direct compare to Srixon and Apex Pros on same shaft KBS C Taper 120, keep you all posted. Really hope I like them so I don't have to spend another few hundred at least on Callaway Pre-Owned or even more on the Srixons.
  5. Got fit at Club Champ today for Srixon ZX7 with KBS C Taper…$2k….came home and bought 659 CBs with same shaft for $950….can’t wait to see them in action and hope they live up to hype. Would have bought 949 Pro driver as well but was out of stock so went with the Cobra LTDx they fit me with at Club Champ.
  6. highdraw_osu

    Maxfli Tour

    Thanks, that was my understanding as well. Wanted to give the Urethane balls a try before moving back to Surlyn, only about three rounds in on the Tours and generally played well, got a weekend trip coming so I'll let that be the decider. I tried the Tour Softs at first since my understanding was they were the closest Titelist offering to the NXT and they were too soft for me. Maybe will peak at the Tour Response or Qstar Tour before making the jump back to Surlyns (Vice Tour or Q Star) if things don't improve with the Maxfli.
  7. highdraw_osu

    Maxfli Tour

    Starting back to golf after a couple years off and grabbed some Maxfli Tours after reading the 2021 MGS study (old ball of choice was an NXT Tour), still think I liked the NXT Tour better but could just be nostalgia. Have been playing well so far but get an occasional balloon ball off the tee and seem a half club short on irons even though I am stronger overall than a few years back. Would the X be better at preventing that balloon or adding back my iron distance (swing speed 105ish)? I already hit the ball pretty high so X balls seem unnecessary and seemed like the Tour was the better performing ball at the 100mph MGS test but I assume the robot and person are not always the same. Does anyone know if they let you mix and match between Tour and X on the 2 for $60 deal? My best play might just be going head to head on them.
  8. NXT Tour was my ball for years...just getting back into the game after a few years off and have a few of those left but looking for a new gamer. Tried the Tour Soft and found it a bit too soft so currently trying out the Maxfli Tour, so far ok but haven't played enough to make a final call. Hate when companies overthink things and get rid of a good thing, classic marketing overreach.
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