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  1. Shot another 74 today using my new Ping G425 SFT driver. I am having to adjust to hitting my second shots from the left side of the fairway. So used to aiming left due to my old slice that it’s a hard habit to mentally break. I aim left and it stays left due to my straight drives now. Used to always guard against the slice and when it stayed in the fairway - always on the right side. Big difference and the game is so much more enjoyable
  2. Added the Ping G425 SFT with stiff Ping shaft to my bag. Eliminated my slice and I bombed it every time. Shot 74 for lowest round ever. I expect to break par soon after eliminating some mental errors
  3. Just added this new driver. Upgraded from old Calaway Big Bertha. The Ping is far more forgiving and has greatly improved my slice. Also added 25 yards of distance
  4. Apple phone ap works fine
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