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  1. I have been playing recoil shafts for a few years now, and while I can't do a personal comparison to this others I can say that switching from the s300 shafts that came in my Mizuno irons to the recoil shafts was a great change for me. I love the feel and launch. I wasn't looking for more distance, and sure to some recent physical limitations I won't be chasing distance any time soon, do it all comes down to the feel, launch, and as you seem to be looking for, the effect on joints and tendons. I love me recoils.
  2. I have Golf Pride grips throughout the bag. I tried the Aline grips and liked the concept, but I still had a couple dozen standard size 1/2 cord grips at home. So I had my golf dude at Dick's go old school and tape 2 pieces of string side-by-side down the back of the grip, then build up teh grips with bottom 1/3 layer of tape, bottom 2/3 layer of tape, then entire length of grip with layer of tape. Seems to work just as well.
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