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  1. Really good answer and thanks for the detail. I agree Arccos is closest to what I'm looking for, but the subscription model is a no-go for me. And ShotScope V3 would be a great option but I already have an Apple Watch and I don't plan on taking that off during rounds. I think I'll wait and hope that companies can come out with some improved versions in the next year or two. Or Arccos removes the subscription model.
  2. Has anybody ever tried out the Golfshot Apple Watch app? https://golfshot.com/auto-tracking I already wear an Apple Watch and use it to record physical activity including steps. That's the main reason I wouldn't ever buy the ShotScope V3 watch. I wear my Apple Watch all day and night until bedtime and don't want to take it off to switch watches before golf. Otherwise, the V3 does look attractive as an option.
  3. Yea, all good points, especially around the flag. Not sure there's a good solution for flags yet other than how shot tracking works now to set the pin location manually. The main thing holding me back from buying ShotScope H4 is having to tap the butt end to the H4 device before each shot. I'm probably being a stickler, but I just can't get myself to worry about doing that before each shot.
  4. I think you'll still need a smartphone/device for GPS and the clubs will need some kind of tag, but the tags need to be smaller and smarter. You shouldn't need to tap or do any manual config for the phone/device to pick up that the club is being moved (so it's active) and then the club hit a ball (so it was a stroke).
  5. Yea, I understand what you're saying. And sure, we're not exactly talking about a huge inconvenience. But the technology is definitely there already. I'm not looking for real-time analytics or score keeping. I'm just looking to track GPS distances and how far I hit each shot. I'm hopeful in the next year or two there will be better products on the market requiring less from the user.
  6. I'm really interested in GPS shot tracking for my rounds, especially to measure strokes gained across my different shot types to better improve my game. What I can't get over is that it's almost 2023 and there aren't any better options than what Arccos or ShotScope can offer. Both seem like a chore to use during a round, especially ShotScope with an H4 having to tap the tracker onto the H4 before each shot. I work in tech so maybe I just have really high expectations, but with what we can train computers and algorithms to do, I thought we'd have better options. However, I will say I'm hopeful for the next 1-2 years that either those companies or a new company will come out with something revolutionary that doesn't require such manual work. What are your guys' thoughts? And please correct me if there are better options out there that work more seamlessly. I know there are a few apps that use smart watches but I doubt those work that well.
  7. Definitely check if you have any TopTracer ranges in your area. I went to my first one the other day and it was pretty amazing. Reasonably price for buckets of balls, and the data was pretty phenomenal. Went to get distances on my new irons and it worked out really well. The one by me is about 30 min away, but on rainy days when I can't golf, I typically end up going there and it's still really fun.
  8. I'm not in the market for a 5W right now, but really appreciate you donating to Feeding America. It's a great organization. I just donated to Feeding America because you inspired me!
  9. Yea, definitely something I've noticed as well. Heavier, stiffer shafts than my previous irons so I definitely find myself over-swinging sometimes. Good advice.
  10. Thanks for all the responses! Just a quick update. Went to the range at lunchtime and hit the irons pretty well. Got my swing dialed in a little tighter and I'm getting more used to the smaller head and offset. Will continue working on it!
  11. This was an awesome response. It all makes total sense. Thank you so much!
  12. Very good thoughts. So far, I've been pulling the ball more than I would expect with the irons. Part of that is definitely my swing needing to tighten up (I haven't played much over the last two weeks) and part is probably not squaring up the club face properly yet. Definitely a different look and feel to the club, so will take some getting used to. I probably am putting too much pressure on myself! Really awesome information. Thanks! This definitely makes me feel better.
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