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  1. Gaw

    Urethane or not?

    Thanks Gregg I wasn’t aware it was one of the highest spinning balls available but I know they are awesome with my irons. I can’t remember the last time I failed to hold a green (unless from deep rough or a thin strike). Thinking I may have to buy a few sleeves/boxes of different balls and play a round with each. Once I get my driver under control I will make the jump to the more expensive balls but for now I need a compromise. It’s nearly there but not quite. I play cheaper 2piece balls in winter anyway as our local course doesn’t cut the rough often and it’s easy to lose balls even in the first cut. So I need something for the summer months. Thanks again
  2. Gaw

    Urethane or not?

    Thanks Larry Unfortunately you can’t get the Maxfli balls in the UK and Dick’s don’t provide any international shipping. appreciate the advice though.
  3. Gaw

    Urethane or not?

    Thanks Buddy Not sure we get the 2for1's here in the UK that you guys get in the US. I'll definitely give the DTC outfits a proper look. Thanks again!
  4. Gaw

    Urethane or not?

    I have a bit of a dilemma. I’ve been buying last years Bridgestone Tour B XS for the last few months at £28 a dozen but the place I buy them from has run out of last years model. I can’t stomach paying £40 a dozen when I’m still so erratic with driver in hand. But I do hit it a reasonable distance. I carry around 260 at the moment and I’d say roughly 60% find fairways and the other can be as far as two fairways away. It would be easy to go with a straighter flying distance 2 piece distance ball but the issue I have is that my iron play is strong. So a urethane cover with approach shots has been almost game changing for me at times. Which ball do I go for next? I don’t want to pay more than £30 a dozen as I can still lose half a dozen a round if I’m on a real bad one. I was considering the Kirkland but worry some reviews state it spins too much which will make driver worse. I also played with the e12 contact for a while but I lost some distance swinging 100+ mph. Srixon AD333 is also tempting as it seems to spin well for a 2 piece ball. Any recommendations are welcome as I’m running out of my Bridgestones. Thanks in advance
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