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  1. These posts have been great. I’m a 72 year old 17-18 handicap that took up the game regularly later in life. Currently have a swing speed around 80. In 2014 I started with Wilson Duo Soft. At my retirement someone gave me ProV1s. I played them for awhile but it seemed to accentuate my fade farther right and didn’t go as far as the Wilsons. I stumbled across the Bridgestone TreoSoft and found it longer and straighter. I would still occasionally use the ProV1 because of reading things like MGS. When the TreoSoft was discontinued I played the E6 Soft, TruFeel (which I like in wind) and Tour Soft. When the the E12 Contact came out it didn’t have the same distance as the others but flew high and straight. I use them on Par 3s. I started playing the Srixon Soft Feel last year and found that I got solid distance and stoping power on approach shots. In buying them at Meijer last summer I noticed boxes of Treosofts and they were brand new. I bought a box and found they play very similar to the Soft Feel. In reading the back of the box the two are of very similar construction. (gradational core) I could find nothing on Bridgestone’s website about them. With continued googling I found them advertised on Bridgestone’s Australian website. They were indeed a new version. They are my ball of choice at this point as long as Meijer keeps selling them. I emailed Bridgestone about them to find out what’s going on but got no reply. A side note they do run out more than a ProV1 but I prefer a bump and run and have trouble with the checking of the ProV1. A high lofted wedge stops well enough with a TreoSoft or Soft Feel going over a bunker. MGS leaves out a large segment of golfers by not testing the non-Urethane two piece balls designed for guys like me. The ProV1 and other premium balls I’ve tried may be great balls but not for me and many others in my demographic. The distance and accuracy is not there for me and on less than perfect strikes it’s even worse.
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