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  1. Please message me for pictures! Looking for $225 but is negotiable. My phone number is 419-932-1396 and my email is zgrodi@tql.com
  2. Yes! But I was also playing NIke Sumo SQ irons from 2005. Going from super game improvement irons to Players irons i feel like has helped me with distance and being able to hold more greens. Update: going to swing the new Raw Jaws wedges and the Cleveland zipcores.
  3. Wondering what everyones thoughts are on the Rogue St Pros. I was just fit for a set and found that it has helped my game by about 5 strokes. I am contemplating adding a Gap Wedge into the set from the rogue st pros but i wasnt sure if i should do that or just get fit for a Cleveland Zipcore to fill that gap since thats the new wedges i am getting next month. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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