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  1. I made an appointment next week to get fitted for irons and possibly a driver. Very excited!
  2. From one of my favorite films. Midnight Run, which is very quotable besides just this one.
  3. Out my way from Atlanta (I'm in Douglas County) we have have a very good course - West Pines, and a terrific course in The Frog. The Frog is regularly listed in the top 10 public courses in the state. I play at West Pines (6800 from the tips) for $41/round with cart. The Frog is around $60. I do agree, though, that public golf around Atlanta is lacking. I really got spoiled when I lived in Orlando for 10 years. You could play a different excellent course once per week and never play the same one twice in a year. All public (or semi-private), and all under $100 (most under $60).
  4. Not found. Maybe a mistake, or Honma saw it and shut it down. Who knows. I even searched and got the same page as you for a result, but still 404.
  5. The first of many showed up today!
  6. Yep. Tracking stats/shots/yards/swings etc. takes a lot of work and brain power that I could use to play better golf. I use 18 birdies for GPS only. I'm not anywhere the player you are, so I definitely don't need any extra distraction on the course.
  7. I wear a "sun hat" as they are sometimes called to cut the grass. My wife says I look like her father when I wear it.
  8. I just started playing again and at my age and with my complexion (just like yours), I'll be investing in a few biggies to keep the sun off my face and neck. As a fashion choice, we could do worse I suppose...
  9. Violinguy

    Maxfli Tour

    Back in the early 2000s, I played Maxfli all the time because that's what my boy Freddie played. The Revolutions were my favorite ball ever. Now, I'm playing budget balls like the Srixon Soft Feel and Bridgestone E12 until I stop losing so many, but with all the good reviews, I might go back to my favorite Maxflis (obviously not revolution )
  10. Obi Wan is terrific. Each episode better than the last. Only one to go I can't wait for Taika Waititi's SW film. Everything that guy touches is gold - Ragnorak, JoJo Rabbit, Free Guy, etc. I have no doubt he will make an excellent film regardless of the story.
  11. I've always loved playing the regional courses the day after qualifying rounds. The rough is high and the greens run fast and true. Even a decent local course is a blast to play in those conditions.
  12. I play almost all of my golf at West Pines Golf Club in Douglasville, GA - https://www.westpinesgc.com/ About two years ago, the course underwent radical improvement and I can say that now the course is in great shape. From the tips it's 6800 yards at par 71. They also re-bunkered the course, the results of which you can see below. Pro tip - don't hit it in there. They are at least 3 feet deep.
  13. Thank you. I did the worst possible thing at PGA Superstore while waiting for my putter to be regripped the other day. I tried out putters.
  14. Nice looking swing with a beautiful sound at impact. How are you liking those Hogans?
  15. I'm rebuilding my golf swing and bag right now. I've used the same clubs (except for driver) since I was young and thin. My swing is essentially the same now that I'm old and fat, but it needs some serious work. After a few tries, I've broken 100 and haven't shot over it again. At my best, I'm in that 85-95 corridor. I've got my eye on 699/699 pro combo set for irons. The BH-5s I'm playing have been solid, but since my swing speed is still pretty fast (100-115 with driver), I'd like to take advantage of technology for some extra yards. This will happen within the next 3-6 months. I'm also starting to eye up their 3-woods as I currently don't have one. After that, I'll be looking at replacing my 30-year old putter. Finally, after some much needed instruction, I'll decide on a driver that I can hit straight. Distance doesn't interest me as much as accuracy. The Epic driver I have now works just fine since I literally have no idea where the ball is going to go. By next summer, I'd like to have a complete bag of clubs that I love. Then maybe a new bag. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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