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  1. Oh okay, when on the page it says “test signup closes Thursday” without a date so I assumed next week as I’m new here. Thanks for the help
  2. The Taylormade M3 driver is my 3rd driver club. My previous driver was a Callaway and the other was a Yeti, all 3 clubs being 440. The M3 was rather tough to get used too. I have a terrible slice as I am right handed and the M3 did not help my slice whatsoever. What did help my slice was adjusting the shaft with the adjustable tool that came with the club so that my lie angle is 10.5 and closing the face intentionally more then needed in order to combat my slice pre swing. Once I got the feel for this driver it is night and day compared to my previous clubs. The driver has a great weight feel to it and is fairly forgiving when missing the sweet spot due to the “twist face”. When hit well I can crush the ball well over 230 yards and typically gets enough spin to run at least 20-30 more yards. The look of this club is what drew me in, it has a beautiful carbon fibre exterior and honestly they straight up copied BMW with the M3 logo and design which I really do like. Overall it’s a great club and I have no regrets in my purchase. My slice is my problem not the clubs LOL
  3. I’m sorry I am a bit new here, I have completed my profile. I’m looking to apply for the current test but I can not seem to actually find a signup button or option. Also I’d like to do an unofficial review on some products I own to add some depth to my profile. Can you PM me the templates as described in this posting? All help is greatly appreciated, thanks
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