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  1. Have a Ventus TR Blue 6s on my Ping G425 Max for about a month. Probably 5 full rounds played so far no issues. BTW the shaft works great for me. Picked it up from Fairway Jockey. Will update if I see anything unusual.
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    Too many missed shots a lot of "pairing" checks before and during rounds. Sensors about 8 months old and I live in a golf mecca in N.C. have a newer iphone, good internet connectivity. IMHO there is too much dicking around with this platform at times when you need to keep focused on your game. After 18 I should be able to pull my phone in front pocket and compare Arccos and my paper scorecard and see a match match..right? Bot no. You have to add putts and add missed shots every damn hole. I have the Gen 2 sensors and the upgraded putter sensor. Count me out on this platform. Back to the note pad for me. BTW no empathy from Arccos on this as well as having grips on my woods with Sensors. 3 months in and I cancelled subscription. Just a mention if you are looking at Arcoss stats and compiling data I can tell you my stats are all jacked so "garbage in garbage out" as for the data.
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