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  1. Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise. I chose the Forged Tec X because of the added forgiveness while still having the sleek players look. I have been in the market for a new set of irons as I have been playing much more golf this year and have fallen in love with the game. These irons seem to have the best specs for my current game and goals of improvement. List your first name/city state (US Only entries) Colton/White Lake, Michigan What current irons you're playing I currently play Cobra Max Irons Handicap 16 handicap and putting in the work to continue to improve that. Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them. Yes, I would actually love to participate in discussion on the forum about my experience. While I am very new to the forum and haven't contributed much yet, I am a long time lurker and felt like this give away was a sign for me to jump right in! I am a gearhead and gear reviewer in other industries so this would be a perfect opportunity for someone like myself who loves gear, gear talk and reviewing products but is just an "average golfer" to jump in and have constructive conversation about my experience with the irons. Thank you My Golf Spy & Cobra for the opportunity!
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