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  1. Hi! Wondering if anyone has an opinion on these. And also, what the diff in drive yardage would be if I hit with the lag Driver/7/Wedge vs using real clubs?
  2. Hi All, I recently got a golf ball-dispenser that can. place the ball on a tee. Only problem is that it isn’t working, balls rarely dispense, and when they do it rare the lever places them on a tee. Anyone have any other suggestions for something else? I’ll link one that’s interesting to me, but can only find it on EBay. One I have that’s not working: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07KCRVTJ4?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title Interesting one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07KCRVTJ4?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title
  3. So it looks don’t need the projector per say. I have an IPad I could use to replace the TV as I won’t have one in the middle of the yard. You think this would work well? And/or would just viewing solely on my phone work? The goal with this is more for the golf course simulator aspect, the feeling of actually playing a course. I’m wondering if this would be worth it?
  4. Hi! Thanks for the response. Well the folks who I got the net from have a projector screen, I’m assuming some ppl use it outside during the day? backyard isn’t overly sunny-stay tuned!
  5. Hi All, Recently purchased a SPG-8 XL net with a projector screen, and was wondering by if anyone had any simulator and projector refs. I’ve heard Garmin R10 is good, but am open to suggestions. I'm lost on projectors, would prefer cordless as it’s going no in my backyard, and one that won’t break bank.
  6. Hi All, New 34 year old golfer (started in ‘20 and 6 games in) in Philly suburbs seeking advice for setting up in-basement golf training setup. I’m hoping to have something where I can use this and really improve all aspects of my game once it gets too cold to play/hit the range. Basement isn’t huge though. I recently purchased the complete Puttout Studio Tour as well as the eyeline speed trap 2.0, to use at the range. I also purchased the SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer, but am hearing that I should buy the Lag shot triple threat set and return the SKLZ as it does more? Lastly, I’m considering grabbing a SKLZ Pure Practice Matt to use in my basement, as it has the 3 Matt’s that will allow me to practice any surface shot I’d see. I’m guessing just grab a chipping net, and pair it with the Lag Shot and I’m good to go? Any feedback on the products, or advice is MUCH appreciated as I’m looking to knock this out yesterday!
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