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  1. Hi FJD, I've a regular graphite Airspeed 5-iron. However I'm based in New Zealand so there might be shipping costs to get this to your home. Are still looking for this?
  2. I've just gotten a full set of Airspeeds late last year (driver, 3W, 5W, 7W, 4H, 5-SW). Late 40s so consider myself a complete beginner! Swing speeds are around 90 mph so a bit similar to yours. The irons are make for easy downswing and dispersion is not great but alright. The cool thing is that the light shaft and heads promote better tilt and turn at least for my initial rounds of practice, since the lightweight feel let's you know if you're keeping on upright body axis. The long and mid irons aren't long as you can see the stats, but they are indeed accurate so these irons are suited for short game and keeping the ball in play. Cheers!
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