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  1. Been over a month now since I started this discussion, and I’d like to update y’all. No longer have these alignment issues, just took a while for me personally to get comfortable over the club. It’s a great feeling to finally feel confident pulling out the driver again. That being said, I’ll never buy a club again without being 100% confident with the product. Feel dumb for how I went about buying the club, but oh well I love it now.
  2. Strict Pro V1 user. As hard as it is to spend $50 a dozen, the results in my opinion are worth that to me. Played the ProV1x(PRE 2021)for years. When Titleist came out with new balls in 2021 it took some adjusting. Played the ProV1 for a bit, but wasn’t getting the feel around the greens I wanted. ProV1x is great around greens but too spinny for me off the tee. Then I found out about the PROV1x Left Dash, and that was a game changer and what I use nowadays. There are plenty of more affordable balls on the markets, that perform great. The MyGolfSpy 2021 ball testing proves that to be true.
  3. Great question, when I got fitted for the club it initially looked odd at setup, but didn’t really notice a problem. When I got fit for that driver I seriously could not hit the ball any better, like I’ve never hit a driver that good before. Was not until after I had purchased and received the club did these issues occur.
  4. I have not played around with the adjustments, but I will give that a shot next time I’m on the range. Thanks for the input!
  5. This particular issue I’m having is definitely a person to person thing. There is just something about the color contrast/design that isn’t sitting right with me yet. To be honest I wish the face was black and white. Red is innovative and very cool, but not ideal for me. Before the stealth plus I was gaming the 2017 M1 Driver and never had these issues. It’s definitely a mental thing and I will figure it out, just was curious if anyone was experiencing something similar.
  6. I will start with the negative, for me the red face/ twist face tech is visually confusing. Of all things I really struggle with being able to square the club face at address. Like I seriously can’t tell when I’m squared up. I’m a 4 handicap but used to be a lot better. So I’m shocked I’m having this problem. I can’t be the only one, but I’ll figure it out. Aside from that, the driver is hot. Solid shots are long and miss hits are shockingly longer than they should be. The stealth plus in my opinion is not the most forgiving by any stretch. I also should mention the sound it makes is incredible.
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