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  1. I have the 201s. Upgrading to a 301 mixed set when they release them
  2. jakemuffins

    Maxfli Tour

    My only problem with the maxfli tour is they don’t do cubes of yellow
  3. jakemuffins

    Maxfli Tour

    Is it wrong for a man to fall in love with a golf ball? If loving the Maxfli tour is wrong I don’t wanna be right.
  4. Also, not sure if you care but they ship direct from Hong Kong not Finland. Doesn’t really matter to me but for your awareness.
  5. Not really but with a caveat. For most of my teens I was a single digit handicap but didn’t play for about ten years after college. Picked up the 585zs thinking I’d have a hard time getting my swing back into shape. After some practice though I realized I could handle something a little sleeker so I traded those in and bought the takomos. They are less forgiving but the feel is great. I used to play a hogan apex combo set and I’d say they feel just as good as those did back in the day. I’ll be buying the 301s as a cb/mb combo set as soon as they’re released. No experience with the 101 or 101T unfortunately.
  6. I have the 201s. Very satisfied with them coming from a srixon game improvement set. Literally no complaints other than they announced a combo set a month after I bought them.
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