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  1. I walk every round except for the league which requires it. Me and my pushcart! I led the effort at my club to allow walkers equal time on the course (so far partially successful). I used the argument that it encourages younger members who will be members longer, besides being more healthy and that we are not slower than most of the cart population and let them play through when we are slower. I also stick out like a sore thumb with my pushcart and now everyone knows my name!
  2. Yes! Please add Taylor Made Distance plus to this as well as the Kirkland.
  3. I started playing golf two years ago at age 63 and have been playing several times a week in Florida. When in Massachusetts I started at this little Par 3 and driving range in Lexington where a really nice older man [90] has acted kind of like a coach, particularly with putting. In Florida I have taken some clinics and lessons with a great pro here at an inexpensive club I joined. I play alone, with friends and some of the fun events that often play best ball. I also play in a 9 holers league. I play or am at the driving range most days in Florida, several days a week in Mass. I’ve always been into sports but always the playing end, not really the watching end. Nor am I much of a fashion person - I get my clothes on sale and I couldn’t tell you which brands, except for shoes which are FootJoy. I like the bigger toe boxes. My driver is also an Epic Max men’s senior flex and I carry it [on good shots!] about 170-180. My current favorite clubs are my 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 iron and my new hybrid 5. I do covet the TaylorMade Stealth driver - I played with a friend who has one and I hit it once…and then every hole thereafter! Consistent and added 20 yards, felt so well weighted in my hands. But the price! Sigh. My strengths would be driver/woods and putting. My weakness is my approach shots. My other weakness is needing to walk the course. I can suck it up to be in a cart but I have to drive - otherwise I get dizzy since a car accident. Walking is great for me and I can keep up with foursomes but often let twosomes or singles play through.
  4. I agree with this, as an Osteopath. Also, would add acupuncture or Laser - as was suggested - to lower the inflammation faster. With acupuncture you can eventually as for these little tiny needles covered by a bandaid like thing that allows the needle to stay in there for a week or so - to continue stimulating the healing.
  5. I’ve been experimenting. I started out with bamboo for sustainability but found I like tees that have heights marked. I especially love the 1 1/2’s for iron shots off the tee and never see them in bamboo. But like most of you I haven’t bought a tee since I started golf and just pick them up.
  6. Playing from Red I would hit driver about 200-210 to the center to avoid the bunkers, then 7 wood to get it to drop and stop hopefully on the green.
  7. MyCatsMom

    Ping ChipR

    That’s my concern. Don’t know what I would feel comfortable dropping from the bag….I still can’t decide if I prefer my 3/4 irons or the 4 hybrid and now I’d have to give up a wedge?
  8. What feels better? Besides dispersion, after another 50 shots you would likely overcome any of the other issues. I just bought a new wedge that felt so much better at the shop and 100 shots later I can hit it much further and with more confidence than my old one due to improved feel.
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