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  1. Here's a good, recent piece about Rory's lob wedge philosophy: https://golf.com/gear/wedges/rory-mcilroy-taylormade-mg3-wedge-fedex/ Helps he can get a new wedge whenever he likes, but notes some things you should consider.
  2. Here's what I've got. These are sharp. I chose this model because my game is improving and I'd like to be able to control ball flight and shot shape. I Went with 5-GW because the lofts are a little stronger than I'm used too. I chose the KBS Lite to keep ball flight a little higher; I can take height off my shots but have a little trouble hitting it higher. But what I need most is some updated tech and more forgiveness for when I miss the sweet spot. Currently playing the original Cobra Norman Oversize irons - not kidding. They're older than I am! Nick from Wheaton, IL. Handicap ~12. Hoping a new set will get me to single digits . . . if my tee shots allow it. I agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about my experience with the irons after receiving them.
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