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  1. Good day Some of you will remember me with the Ping Sigma 2 putter a few weeks ago. I went to Decathlon where the fitting was free and very simple, hit some balls to a hole and the salesman looked at you over a distance of 3 meters. The salesman had been playing golf for several years. I started with my ping putter, after a few putts the salesman said what are you doing, you don't need another putter, keep the putter. I did test the Inesis models and felt the difference between face-balanced and slight arc and strong arc. Strong Arc was not my thing. I didn't feel much difference between the face-balanced and sligt arc, I hit the ball more on the inside and closed the putter quicker, the movement was less straight through, after a few putts I adapted to the putter, I had that feeling. The grip felt good, was slightly wider than the ping PP60 grip, club heads felt good contact was also good, stability was also pleasing, difference in weight was clearly felt against the ping putter, balance was good, I was happy with it. If there was a big difference I would have bought another putter probably the sligt arc model with half moon was 99€. We are going to cost if it is not necessary. Christof
  2. Nice, those bags with lots of colours are not for me, the simple can be beautiful too. Have to impress with your golf performance and not with your equipment.
  3. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Good day MDGolfHacker I have had a mail back from Decathlon, the answer is quite interesting, make an appointment for September, see what it brings. Hello Christof, You can test all our available putters in the shop, free of charge. There is also a matching cover for all putters. Kind regards, Decathlon Antwerp
  4. Christof

    Ping Putter

    I will see, I can still putt or play golf this month, buying something is out of the question, only to go to the supermarket, 2 more weeks to make ends meet. I still have to see what amount will be deposited on my account, the first 2 weeks of August are still from my employer, all the rest has to come from the health insurance fund until 05.11.22 maybe to go back to work. After so many weeks I don't know approximately, I still get 60% of my salary paid by the health fund. The hospital insurance pays the hospital costs and home nursing and medication. Greetings Christof
  5. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Hey MDGolfHacker Yes, I have seen a Ping fitting day, and mailed to a shop a 35min drive away, from the reaction of shop owner, is not about putters but everything else, about putters there was nothing in the mail, everything else is too far away. I have emailed to decathlon, for more information, on the site it says one fitting costs 30€, is that for a full set of irons or each fitting 30€? the Inesis putters cost 99€. When you purchase the irons or set the 30€ goes off. Of the 99€ the 30€ goes off I have still done a good deal, if the putters suit me. No headcover included, can't find anything on the site. Would also be nice to be able to use the 30€ for something else as well. In the Netherlands at the Jumbo shops the fittings are free, is also not short for me. Christof
  6. Hello Brogies I find the TP5 very good ball along with the Chrome soft and Prov1. Of the less expensive balls the AD333. Christof
  7. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Hello Donn Corsshands will try it once, is something new, with long puts look along with the ball to the hole, I was told it was not allowed/not good for control. Greetings Christof
  8. Good day Wouldn't it be interesting to be in the most wanted putter category divided into Blades, Mid-mallets, Mallets and High MOI. Still the most important club in your bag, you can win and lose with it. With drivers also already categories for high, middle and low swing speed with irons also different categories. Maybe more testing, but for a beginning golfer it's quite interesting or before you go to the shop you already know some information. If something is new, you can see on MyGolfSpy what is interesting. If you don't know anything about it, a real salesman can tell you everything. Sporty greetings Christof
  9. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Yes, I still have plenty of time, but I won't be able to play regular golf or matches this year, not matches anyway. Maybe by the time the season starts I will be used to the Pen grip or other grip, with the ping putter, no need for another putter. While I am not allowed to play golf, I am researching and asking questions on the forum Christof
  10. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Wow, that made it work, I have to read a few times to understand everything Thanks Christo
  11. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Yes, if you have that much material then it can be a problem. Good thing everyone is different otherwise the world would be boring.
  12. Christof

    Ping Putter

    yes everyone has their thing, I have done cycling in the past and certainly some of the cycling tourists had 10 bicycles. I wouldn't know what you can do with 10 bikes, it just takes up space. For some that is emotional value and not being able to part with it or they are collectors.
  13. Christof

    Ping Putter

    No problem, I have seen the PLD putters on the ping site, they are still a bit on the expensive side, I am however the Wilson infinite putters are still very reasonable in price and maybe for trying. I have read that if you already have higher or faster putters swing, you are better with a Blade or mid mallet?
  14. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Yes I have done cycling in the past and certainly with the cycling tourists some had 10 bikes, I don't know what you can do with those 10 bikes. Everyone's thing for sure or passion or not being able to part with the equipment.
  15. Christof

    Ping Putter

    Hola das the real thing, great and all look good, around 200 putters incredible. The rack is solidly done and uncluttered. Nice.
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