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  1. Bump. Very curious to hear your thoughts on the differences between these shafts
  2. Alright. Just got done with my round. The 902-PD are insanely good. The 902PD compared to ZX5s is like night and day. they are more forgiving while carrying longer distances. They definitely feel a little lighter in the hand. They cut through turf incredibly well. The accuracy is point and shoot. They look amazing at address and definitely have a wonderful forged feel. on contact, they feel firm but soft enough to not feel like you are hitting a brick wall. They encourage a good golf swing. I noticed that they still look great after 1 round compared to my ZX5s and p790s which show ball strikes much more quickly. These are the highest quality irons I’ve played with yet. i will be listing my ZX5s and P790s tomorrow.
  3. Compared the Srixon vs. The P790 today. Nursing an abdominal strain so didn’t fully swing as hard as I normally do, though I noticed a few things. p790 feels lighter than the ZX5s, making it a little easier to find the face for me. p790s are more forgiving of toe side hits. zx5s feel significantly better zx5s are more consistent with distance and dispersion. Zx5s look slightly better at address. Because of my injury, I’d didn’t get a full feeling of turf interaction. I was really trying not to be too firm and hurt myself further. going to play a round with the zx5s tomorrow and see how it goes. I have a feeling it is going to go a little better. overall, I like both for different reasons and not fully decided on one or the other just yet.
  4. I have the 001s and absolutely love them. Chose them over the 002s as from my understanding the only difference Is the upper material. Synthetic vs. Leather.
  5. I just got the 001s. They are so comfortable yet stable. The only difference is the material in the toe. The 002 is leather and the 001 is more of a synthetic material. i dropped my custom insoles In there and they are so stable. 10/10 would recommend. Only other shoe I consider is a pair of Pumas
  6. Big scotch guy here as well! In fact I’ve been collecting for over 5 years. A big passion of mine. I also love bourbon. on course I like 2-3 beers. Usually just pack them in my ogio beer sleeve
  7. Explain why you chose the model you did and what you'd hope to get out of them performance wise After testing out every players distance model on the market, this out came out on top I have p790s though these were way more accurate. budget wise I could only do a reshafting so I didn’t get the forged tecs sadly List your first name/city state (US Only entries) Connor; Denver, CO What current irons you're playing P790s Handicap 20 Will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them. absolutely and will be unbiased as In believe in data and not leading people astray
  8. Very cool. 902PDs going into the bag to test. We will see which comes out on top
  9. One issue is I got the new levels with S300 105s whereas I have modus 105s in the p790 and ZX5 which will change the feel a little. I understand they are very similar though. Eric at New Level was very knowledgeable.
  10. New Level will give you demo Clubs for a small price. Are there any clubs you preferred over new levels? In the PD catagory?
  11. That was my thoughts as well. I’m pretty pumped to get the New Levels. Price isn’t a thought here so I’m all about performance. p790s are cool they just don’t have the feel compared to my ZX5s
  12. That makes sense. I’m going to compare shafts in my new levels with S300s vs. The ZX5s and p790s with nippon 105s I have right now. Just curious what the community thinks.
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