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  1. 50, that's the start of Senior Golf Nowadays ain't it. I get to pay Senior rates even at the courses that make you wait until your 65. Had a little med problem today,Doc says I will be able to get on the Wii after some physical therapy, looks like I'm going to miss my Saturday fitting. May need to reevaluate the Swing Speed once I'm cleared. Gives me time to ponder over NVS 65 or VS Proto by you 60 to test on the M890 10* head, which is supposed to be low spin mid/high launch and extremely forgiving. Vice the ISO-T low spin low launch that I've been testing. Sorry for the delay.
  2. Typo 13.4 on the 10.5 head not 14.5. Fat fingered that one. SORRY
  3. I'm trending toward Aldila over Project X. The NV and VS Proto deliver a springer feel, while the Project X feels almost like steel. Going forward may need help from the shaft? Perhaps I'll pull the shaft in the 11.5 ISO-T and try the 65 NVS? The 11.5 should have had a higher launch than the 10.5, so I can only attribute the 11.5 @13.1* vice the 10.5 @14.5 to the HZRDUS Black shaft, at least in my hands.
  4. Since my swing speed is just going to decrease with every passing year, it may be time to look at higher launching shafts and Driver Heads.Even try to find how soft a flex I can play? Since my main concern is Carry distance, which will also decrease as my swing speed goes down, perhaps I should try to get closer to 16* launch angle? Since I am not getting anymore club head speed with 75 G shafts than with steel perhaps the time has come to experiment with 65 or even 55 gram shafts and see if there is any increase in speed, or if I've aged to the point of no return.
  5. This was indoors, and I only took 5 swings with each club. First swing with the HZRDUS Black & 11.5 head low heel side of center. Other four low center, marked on first line. Didn't hit any shots dead center or higher with either club. Didn't have a fitter, just got to take some swings while one of the pads was open, so I am not sure what monitor system.The guy working the counter told me that spin rates don't always register if that's any help.
  6. Got a chance to hit Master fit for a few swings today. Angle of attack 1.1 up. Most of my swings were 1.1 left. The 11.5 with the hazardous Black shaft had a launch angle of 13.1 with a maximum height of 103. Ball speed range from 142 to 148. The NV 75 with the 10.5 head had a launch angle of 13.4 and a maximum height of 120. Both of the heads gave me a spin rate of $3,240 something if you believe the machines. These may not be the heads for me. The quest shall continue.
  7. Well, finished the 10.5 ISO-T with tipped 75 NV shaft. I should get a chance to hit the range Monday, but first appointment at Masterfit won't be until Saturday.
  8. That's going to be a pretty rough job. Think the last stock driver I used was a Pittsburgh persimmon. Even the Tony Pena Persimmons & Power built's where custom. Before that was when I was so young I played my Mom's Ram Golden Girl woods & irons, but I was less than 5 foot tall way back then.
  9. I do know what shaft fits me, but they no longer make DG s300 wood shafts. I could take any 10° head that will make swing weight and put it on a steel dynamic gold s300 shaft had 43 to 43.25 in cut length and heavy driver that works. But the folks that can hit that over 240 yd have made it so that you can only get graphite shafts and you need a 45-in driver that you can't hit in the middle of the club to be considered standard nowadays. I can build a lot of drivers that perform better than $500 factory clubs for those $500. Not to mention it's a lot of fun to work with your hands and make things that nobody else has on the course. Just my humble opinion.
  10. Ever notice that the world is full of conflict. If you use the golf works swing speed chart 152 yd 7-iron drops you dead in the three category. If you go to Aldila web site an R flex max is 91 mph and 92-105 is a stiff flex in a Driver. So when the club head speed monitors measure a 99 mph give or take who are you supposed to believe is the correct Tecknowiee? Looks like I'm ordering another HZRDUS Black for the STW 10 degree forgiving head in 5.5 to match up with the HZRDUS 75 Black slated for the 3 wood. Decisions/ decisions, is it really supposed to be this hard? LMAO .
  11. Hey I walked in and the guy asked me what I wanted. I told him I needed a new driver cuz my old ones just weren't making it anymore.By gosh he had a whole arsenal of $500 drivers that would just suit me to the tee.
  12. Masterfit has both indoor & outdoor setups. The one on the corner closest to me is indoor. I haven't got any idea of what the equipment is that they use, . Everything but my Putter has Pured Shafts. Perhaps that's why it's the poorest performing club in the Bag.LOL. No matter how many Putter fittings I get, eventually that club misbehaves and gets tossed into the Old Power built barrel sized storefront display bag never to be seen again.LOL.
  13. So I'll go through the Puring Data sheets and select one of the NV 75 R flex shafts and install it in another of the 10.5 ISO-T heads.The trim guide doesn't have much leeway. Either straight in, or 1 inch trim. I'll tip trim 3/4 of an inch and add the 6G 1/4 inch shaft weight so it should feel a little firmer than R-flex. Once I get a chance to range test it, I'll set up another session at Masterfit so that I can better pass along Launch Angle and ball speed. Not to sure I have much faith in spin data off the big screen. I am concerned that none of the NV 75 2.8 torque shafts poured below a vertical deviation of 0.536. None of the VS Proto's or HZRDUS Black shafts came in over 0.3 vertical deviation after puring. Wonder how that's going to effect feel & more importantly performance?
  14. OMG, drove to the corner and got a fitting at Dick's. It's going to take me awhile to pass this information along. But he decided to fit me with the 46 and a half inch a flex shaft that I never hit on the center of the face for 50 swings. Excuse me if the computer fitting on the big screen doesn't match reality in my opinion. This is not an example of what I consider to be a professional fitting. JMHO.
  15. Nowadays I consider myself nothing more than a prospect for your future business. But a customer pushing back should be something you're quite familiar with in my humble opinion. So instead of a challenge please give me the concrete questions that will shoot me into future stardom with your guidance. My ignorance is your chance to build upon global success, and all you have to do is spare a few moments of your knowledge on the internet to enlighten me. If you can save the game of an old curmudgeon, just imagine what you can do for the stars of the future.JMHO.
  16. I I've been connected with golf since the '60s. Rumdale bowls with the best of the McGregor squad when McGregor was a squad. Up until my father passed away 10 years ago I was interwoven with professional golf here in Florida. I can drop names but that's not important, but my father was working for Richard McCumber till the day he died, and when I was 6 years old my uncle dropped me off at a golf course at 6:00 in the morning on his way to the coal mines and pick me up at 8:30 at night in the cart barn while he repaired the carts. Nowadays I'm just an old fart, but it was really tough to beat Jack when he was at his peak. Although Jack didn't seem to win much once tiger showed up, but I don't think tigers winning much more anymore. So perhaps it's time y'all Young whippersnappers taught us old folks how far away from competition we really are today.
  17. I truly respect your opinion, but can you actually maximize my performance if I just give you the computer specs without us spending time together so you can see what I'm actually doing? I'm here in Northeast Florida, how close are you? I'm never going to be a pro again, so do you really want to spend your time maximizing my game? But I do appreciate your inputs, since I've been out of the game for a few decades. Thank you sir, I don't want to waste your time so if you bow out I completely understand. But after all, this is just time spent on the internet.
  18. Would you change your opinion if I properly fit professionals before.
  19. It is no longer about improving my GAME, it's all about retrieving the GAME I once had.LOL.
  20. You are working on an ever-increasing bias. I will never again be the golfer that competed in the western open at Butler national. This is a case of diminishing returns, I can never be and you can never make me the golfer I once was. It's all about making me competitive from a senior tee with all those folks that are launching from the tournament tee's since I no longer have any pudding skills, not that those were my skills back in the day, it's going to be really difficult to fit me for clubs. JMHO.
  21. I am asking for tecknowiee advice. So I should be less of a kermungin but Old Habits die hard. I am listening even if my response is abit harsh.
  22. Since I've got hand me downs from before clubs had numbers, is 3 Bags Full really excessive?
  23. Yet, since I no longer hit the fence on the fly with either of the Old steel shafted Drivers, or the 10.5 VS Proto shafted Driver, is it safe to assume that they are not the one? Masterfit suggested 9.5-10.5 Head at current 99 mph club head speed. The ISO-T head is advertised as Low Launch Low Spin. So far the 11.5 with the HZRDUS 75 6.0 soft stepped outperforms all the other options. While the 75 NV's all have higher deviation specs after puring than those already assembled, I shall endeavor to press on in the dirt to discover if they perform better in my hands than the HZRDUS 75 with an 11.5 head. Once I've done the experimentation in the dirt, then I can take it to the Big Screen to be fine tuned. Which is really more relevant, whacking the Big Screen or hitting it out of the dirt?
  24. I don't know. What I did learn was that with the VP82 9 Degree & DG-S300 .335 I was only carrying 224 yards on the big screen. While the CT 250 8.5 & TX-90 .350 was 227. Neither of which are currently well matched to my lower swing speed.
  25. I can answer some of that with the info I got using my Old 9 degree metal shafted Drivers from Masterfit. AOA was level to 1 degree up swing with either driver. Dynamic Loft was about 13. Aren't all those numbers computer generated when your swinging into a big screen?
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