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  1. My left hip is scheduled to go under the knife on November 11, exactly two years after I had my right hip replaced. The outpatient surgery was a breeze. Got there at 10am and walked out of the place with a walker at 7pm. The first 5 days are a bit of a hassle sleeping but I had zero pain, took no meds and was moving around nicely after 3 weeks. Rehab is easy and you can golf at around the 3-4 month recovery point. I've been playing golf six times a week all summer, walking with my MGI zip navigator to preserve my hip and it's gone great.
  2. I can't speak to the irons, but I've had the 949x hybrids for two weeks and they are by far the best hybrids I have had in my bag. They look great, have multiple weight options and fly straight as an arrow. I bought the 3 and 6 hybrids and both are money. Finally, the customer service is outstanding, personable and fast.
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