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  1. What I mean is the following photo shows the force vectors in the downswing assuming you are getting pressure spiking in the front foot. The Mz vector is pure rotation of the torso and the Gx vector is torque direction due to pressures spiking of the front foot. M is the composite torque and is coincident with the proper spine angle. Theoretically if you spike pressure in the trail foot then the right hand rule of torque would dictate that the Gx vector would be in the total opposite (Gx') thus behind the golfer and would throw off their center of rotation (M'). The spine would have to straighten and move counterclockwise from the top of the swing and result in an "early extension".
  2. If I am understanding the physics properly, then camping out and pressing on the back foot in the downswing would cause the opposite horizontal vector of torque meaning the horizontal torque would be pointing behind you and thus the cumulative toque would be up and slightly behind the vertical plane. This is why people "stand up and early extend" when they swing because to stay bent over would put tremendous torque on the lower back... very interesting. This certainly is a lightbulb moment.
  3. I'm not sure the away portion is really a conscious decision of body movement at impact. I think it is more the body's resistance to the weight and momentum of the club head. When the club is traveling away from the target your body has to compensate toward the target to stay centered. When the club is going toward the target your body has to move away from the target to stay centered. i.e. People who camp out on their back foot hit fat shots or top because they start away from the target and get pulled away from the target by the momentum of the club meaning their center of their swing arc is way behind the ball.
  4. Same here. I line up the ball standing behind it. Then see what flight path I need to take. Maybe 1-2 practice swings to feel that launch path and then try to execute that while standing over the ball. My instructor taught me to launch the ball on a path. So in essence you have to hit the ball solid while getting that ball on the path. I don't think it's really an either/or scenario. I've never really thought about a difference in hitting vs. toward the target.
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