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  1. My name is robert Alessi, I currently live in the New Orleans LA area but moved from NYC. I must admit I miss elevations and undulations but with that said I’ve enjoyed the lengthy seasons here in the south and the low cost of play and practice. I believe the best deal around is Bayou Oaks with their 2 courses and unlimited range for 200 a month. The north is really nothing great but the South is an immaculately kept, slightly challenging but long course. Below are some hole vlogs from hole 2 and 4. Enjoy and please don’t bash the swing too hard IMG_0469.MOV IMG_0407.MOV
  2. I recently shelved my drivers and started playing my UDI 2 iron. However this time of the year rain makes the course soft and fast rolling shots are not really viable….. with that said neither are towering driver shots lol !
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