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  1. I’m a low ball hitter, so I added a 7 wood to carry a creek on a par 5 on my local course. Now I get on in two more often! Love seeing the ball flying high and landing softly with minimal rollout. Total distance is similar to my 4 iron but the trajectory is much different. Also the carry distance is greater. Depends on the courses you play and wind conditions.
  2. Callaway makes a Rogue 7 wood for left handed golfers. I bought mine for a shot over water from a downhill lie from a 3 hybrid distance. I can fly the 7 wood almost as far as I hit the 3 hybrid including a lot of roll. Love it!
  3. I picked up a Callaway Rogue 7 wood to replace a 21 degree hybrid. Much better carry distance and slightly better total distance (220 vs 215). Really easy to get airborne. This club is great out of the rough! Does appear to be closed but is actually square to the target line. I have to trust the line and play the ball toward the middle of my stance. I also added a 5 wood that is easy to hit off of the fairway but only about 10 yards longer than the 7 wood. Enjoy your search.
  4. I got fit for the 921 Hot Metal Pro model. My typical miss is a thin shot and these are very forgiving on thin shots. Heavy shots still come off pretty well, too. The biggest complaint is that sometimes they go too far! The shaft fitting tool is amazing. It recommended two shafts that were in stock at the time. One gave an immediate 5 yard improvement from my fitting! The shaft selector tool recommended traditional irons from 6 iron on down and Fli-Hi for the 4 and 5 irons. As a 4 handicap player I wanted to keep a 5 iron in the bag so I ordered both clubs. I play the Fli-Hi now because it is much better for my swing profile. TRUST the fitter!!! I’m still trying to improve my iron play but these clubs are worth 2 or 3 additional GIR each round.
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