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    Bought a box based on MGS review. Did not care for these. Lost distance on every club. I did putt well with these balls. They are durable, as I have been using a couple for practice balls. Couple hundred hits on two balls with a 56 wedge in my back yard. Some cosmetic scuffs. Will be staying with my current ball.
  2. I bought a box and tried these out based on the ball review. Driving distance increased, carry and roll out. Ball has a noticeable bounce when it hits the ground and keeps moving forward for quite a while. Rest of clubs, slight improvement in carry distance. Little more runout on the green than I was used to. Putting is where I judge a ball, since it is my strength. More bounce off the putter face and seemed to magnify off center strokes, on the course and in my basement. Overall, if I played it more than these couple rounds I would most likely get calibrated to these balls. Sticking to my regular for rest of this year.
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