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  1. I have used a CaddyTech 3 wheel push cart for several years and highly recommend it. At the time of purchase, the CaddyTech was considerably less expensive than the comparable ClickGear model. Does anyone know if the 4 wheel models require more effort to push?
  2. I have a loft/lie machine so it is easy to tinker with the lofts and lies. My irons are set at 2° strong to make up for distance I have lost as I have gotten older. I have never been a long striker of the ball, but I remember in my younger days playing a 48° PW at 110 yards and now I play a 44° PW at the same distance. So basically, I have lost 1 club in distance. The other change I have made is bending my irons to 2° upright which turned my fade into straight/light draw ball flight.
  3. Same for me. On my home course I seldom lose a ball, but I lost 3 the last time I played due to the fallen leaves. If I play an unfamiliar or difficult course, I make sure to have plenty of extra balls in the bag. If a ball becomes scuffed, it goes into the practice bucket.
  4. I don't think it is bad idea at all. Most of the experimenters have dropped 2 flexes, but for me, dropping 1 flex produced better results. I went with the Fuji Air Speeder 45 regular in a PXG 0311XF driver and a Fuji Air Speeder 45 senior (tipped 1") in a PXG 3 wood. The lighter more flexible shafts feel easier to swing but I have to make a smooth transition.
  5. Sorry to hear of your emergency appendectomy. I am either lucky or unlucky, but I have met my maximum out-of-pocket for the year, This is day 6 since my surgery and the pain is minimal...as long as I don't move my shoulder or hit it on something. The big issue for me is just being very uncomfortable and not being able to sleep well. My post surgery appointment has been moved to Dec. 6th and therapy will start after that.
  6. That is an awesome report. The pain hasn't been bad, but it is just very uncomfortable wearing the sling. I have my follow up appointment in 10 days. The doctor said the rotator cuff tendon was very thin and believes it did not heal properly from a previous surgery in 2016. Hope you have a speedy recovery and back to swinging a golf club. I am hoping to be back on the course by March.
  7. There wasn't much worry about holding anyone up on Sunday, because there weren't many other idiots on the course. I thoroughly enjoy my practice rounds playing a couple of balls, except when I hit one left and the other right. It makes for a lot of extra walking!
  8. It was 26° and breezy when we teed off Saturday morning and 32° when we finished. I shot 85 in the cold conditions. My putting was poor with several 3 putts. But it was still fun! Sunday was 28° when we started, but very light wind and sunshine which made it seem and feel much warmer. I shot 4 over on the front and my golfing companion left after 9. Playing solo on the backside, I hit a couple of balls, so no accurate score.
  9. I picked up a used Gen 5 0311 XF 9° driver that looked brand new off of PXG_Express on Ebay for $239 + tax and free shipping.
  10. For several years I have played what we call Eskimo golf during the winter, but not when there is snow on the ground. Many people think our group is crazy to play during cold weather. I tell people who question my sanity that playing in the cold beats not playing. We layer up and walk with our push carts to help stay warm. My only hole-in-one came on a chilly morning during November 2015.
  11. Thank you Veterans for your service to our country. Never forget the sacrifices made by our veterans.
  12. I played with a set of Mizuno MP H4 forged irons for 6 years. For the past 2 years I have owned a set of PXG 0211 irons with graphite shafts and this year I purchased a set of PXG Gen 3 0311 irons with steel shafts. I do not plan on replacing either set any time soon.
  13. I play in a pair of Costa polarized blue reflective glass lenses. The Costas are very comfortable to wear and I like the wrap-around style that prevents the sun from coming in on the sides.
  14. I am the same when it comes to hovering the putter head. I make much better contact when I brush the green on the back swing.
  15. Several years ago I played Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis as a guest and we were assigned caddies by the inviting member. To start with, I was a little nervous playing with a caddie. On the first hole, the caddy instructed me where to aim my tee shot and on the approach shot, he was spot on for the distance. Plus he told me where to try and land the ball on the green. I promptly stowed away my GPS device and relied solely on his expertise. The caddy's ability of reading the greens was spot on and helped tremendously with my putting. It was a great experience and he gave me a great bit of advice about using a hybrid out of a fairway bunker.
  16. My most memorable 9 hole round came in our Wednesday night league which is stroke and match play. I had to give 6 strokes to my opponent and started by taking an 8 on our opening Par 4 hole. First tee shot was OB and second was unplayable. The next hole was a Par 4 and my tee ball missed the fairway right and came to rest behind a tree. Punch out to approximately 100 yards, third shot to maybe 10 feet and I sunk the par putt. Hole #3 birdie and a par on hole #4. Hole #5 my approach shot missed the green, hit the cart path, and bounded behind the green. With the green running away from me, I lobbed to maybe 25 feet and made the par putt. Hole #6, a par 5, made birdie. Hole # 7, another par 5, made birdie. Hole # 8 made par. On hole # 9, a par 3, my tee ball was approximately 6 feet and I made the birdie putt. I shot even and won my match and also won closest to the pin on our closing hole. Not my best score for 9 holes, but definitely the most memorable.
  17. Saturday's round was cold, windy, and misty. Only one other die-hard in our group showed up to brave the weather and he quit after 9 holes. I believe we were the only dedicated a.k.a. idiots on the course. On the back 9 I played two balls so didn't keep a total score. On Sunday, much nicer weather and I turned in a 76. My fairways hit and greens in regulation were not great, but I chipped and putted very well. Two birdies, one double bogey, 4 bogeys, and 11 pars.
  18. Due to being curious and intrigued by the Otto Phlex thread, I have wound up with a back up driver, 3 wood, and lighter, more flexible shafts. PXG Gen 5 0311XF 9 degree driver with 45" Fuji Air Speeder Blue 45 R PXG Gen 4 0341XF 3 wood with 43" Fuji Air Speeder Blue 45 A (tipped 1") I also picked up a PXG 0211 7 wood that I installed a Project X Evenflow Riptide CB 40 senior flex trimmed to 42", which originally came with the driver. My plans are to play my Ping driver and 3 wood with Ventus Velocore blue shafts on Saturday and change out to the PXG woods on Sunday. I will then compare my scores, fairways hit, ball striking, and feel. The experiment of dropping 2 flexes didn't work out for me with the driver so I am working on a gradual approach to lighter and more flexible shafts.
  19. New bucket list item added......Play golf with APH in Switzerland!
  20. With the exception of today, it is very nice golfing weather for November in SW MO.
  21. I'm with cnosil on found tees. As a walker, I find a pocketful of tees every time I play. I share these found tees with my friends and the high school golf team.
  22. Congratulations to Harry on his new career with Wilson.
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