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    Come to Missouri and I will take you to 4 courses you haven't played before!
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    That's good to know. I have a pretty good relationship with the store as I run a Foundation and Golf outing and always go to them for gifts/raffle items. 
    When i brought the shaft there to be made i was talking to the club maker about it and he was confused at first with my SS and going to A flex shaft. I told him about "OttoPhlex". When I picked it up he said he put the swing weight to D1 and that he looked up this forum and gave it a read, was curious how it turns out. 
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    I'd add you can buy a brake pads puller/pusher, see photo cost me in NZ$40? Plus the "F" clamp means you can do that job anywhere, the object of the exercise is to push the head off straight off a GRAPHITE Shaft steel you can twist off without damaging anything. All I did was cut a slot for the shaft easy peasy, I would buy some clubs from your local charity shop and pull them apart and put them back together to practice how to use heat gun or flame torch. Good luck...
    I used hot water to soften the ferrule because it was a nice one and I wanted to reuse it...

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    I remember first learning that you could actually save grips and I was like 🤯.. did that for a few years, and while it's a huge PITA.. I'd do it for the sake of saving $.. then I got into compressed air and 🤯🤯🤯🤯..🤦🏼‍♂️
    Why didn't I do this years ago?!
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    So to add a little to this, my original average SS was around 110 mph. I played XS for a few years.. but in the 60-65g category. So technically I could have been fit into both S and XS depending on the brand, weight, and the frequency profile. 
    I'm playing A flex in the Garafalloy PLB and couldn't imagine going any stiffer. Even with swing speeds north of 114 mph, the shaft is plenty stable and crazy consistent. 
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    Okay so I have a kind of medium confession to make. When I first started this thread it was done on the basis of research that I had done that stated the specific swing weight needed to be around D0. Well after reading the article about the new Free Flex shaft that is supposed to be a sandbox competitor for the Autoflex, and how it allows the ability to increase swing weight to whatever you desire, while maintaining control and consistency.. that really intrigued me, and then I started thinking about seeing how far the limits of the PLB can go and still be completely stable. Today I may have proven myself wrong in my initial statement about the swing weight as I tried an increased swing weight up to D2, and holy crap I think I hit the motherload! I know that D2 isn't extremely high but then again with this shaft profile it feels even more like a D4 or D5. There was never any doubt for inconsistency or instability and I was able to feel the shaft load and release with so much power and was delivering some absolute bombs today! I'm just over the moon about this setup! 
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to Bang60 in Shaft Hack - The Otto Phlex Journey   
    I'm looking fwd to seeing how that shaft performs when you change the adapter for the Callaway head, my 2 shafts arrived today that are an exact copy of the Otto phlex shaft in my TS3 so I'm setting one up for my SIM 9* head in a few days...
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    @DukeStKing Aren't Ping heads harder to fit into a ottophlex shaft (with proper swing weight) as they are usually heavier than other heads? Normally you also need to turn the head down one or two degrees to get the launch angle better, but your launch is lower with the ottophlex combo. I would love to see the ottophlex/paradym setup! Personally I have never liked the Callaway heads, but everything is up in the air now... 
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    Not sure if you mentioned it but what loft are you playing your driver at? A lot of us noticed that the initial launch was pretty high and had to end up turning the loft down. For example my stock loft is at 9 degrees and I turned it down to 7.5° that I've never used before and launch is absolutely perfect with my spin rate around 2100 RPM.
    My next question is how is your disbursement and control? Have you noticed it get any better or worse? When I started this experiment my goal wasn't really to chase more distance so much as to gain better control but I ended up actually getting even more distance and finding the control that I was after so for me it was a real win-win. 
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to qLofty in Shaft Hack - The Otto Phlex Journey   
    Okay so had my first swings with my GPLB 45 A flex shaft D1 swing weight
    Right now distance is a little longer/same as my Oban 04 65gram shaft.  Backspin is a little higher at 2700-2800 rpm, lowest I got was 2500rpm. As with my Oban lowest I get is 2300 RPM. Not sure if the Full Swing simulator reads it a bit higher. 
    Yardages are around 275 carry with rollout to 292. 
    Swing speeds is 110-115mph as my Oban is usually 108-112. Ball speed was around 155-165mph. 
    Still some more testing to do, also need to dial in driver swing. Was thinking on adjust swing weight to either D0 or D1.5 to see a difference either way. 
    I do enjoy that fact that I can feel the load better in the GPLB. I feel like in my Oban (not sure since its Pured) I have a hard time feeling it load. Plus when I have a lower SS on some drives like a 105, the GPLB feels better. 
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    Certainly a hot take. However not on topic of this thread. 
    Feel free to create your own thread on this topic of fittings etc, however we will leave this thread for those searching for their Otto Phlex and sharing their results. 
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    Cool. Oh my god - I cannot wait to book my two month fitting. Those guys are going to be SO sick of me talking about the OttoPhlex. 
    Getting this train back on the tracks, @azstu324 you've pretty much convinced me to at least try the GPB (GBP? I'm getting my acronyms mixed up). Gonna order it once GW has their site back up and running to capacity. 
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to GolfSpy SAM in Shaft Hack - The Otto Phlex Journey   
    For me, that's an easy answer: they have all the shaft/head combos I'd like to try, and I don't.  Even at a place where you can hit balls (Roger Dunn, say, or PGA Super Store), they're not tagging the clubs for you so you're not getting any club data, only ball data.  And the chance of the store having the head/shaft combo you want would be rare. Not impossible, of course, but rare.  
    Also, for most recreational golfers, getting fitted into clubs that actually fit their game is going to genuinely help them.  Most golfers don't have a clue as to what is actually helping/hurting them - I certainly didn't, before I started to do tons of research, watch videos of fitters on YouTube, which ultimately led me to this forum. 
    But for the average golfer, and I have two buddies who are the very definition of this, they want to spend their time at the course or at the range, and they're not spending free time reading up on shaft flex or head profile and what might best suit them.  But what they CAN do is spend $100(ish) bucks and go to a reputable fitter and try combos that they didn't even think of - and walk out knowing what equipment might help improve their game. 
    I wholeheartedly disagree that it would only take the average golfer 20 minutes of study to find out what a fitter knows - I think the fitters in the forum can attest to that, lol.  I couldn't learn all the ins and outs of French Cuisine in 20 minutes, even if I could print out a recipe and follow it and KIND of get a creme brulee to taste pretty good. 
    I don't disagree that people on here, those of us who are driven to seek out a forum of like-minded golf-nuts, might not need to go to a fitter.  I did, and I loved it, because it gave me access to every new club I wanted to try.  But lots of folks in here don't need to.  
    That's the beauty of choice - everyone gets to make the best decision for where they're at in their game.  
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to GolfSpy_APH in MGS Forum: PGA Tour Pick'em League   
    Get your picks in and be sure to check out the thread above! @Splatt has once again knocked it out of the park with the recap leading in. Will it get as rowdy as it did last year or are we in for a more normal type year? Be sure to check it out and after picks lock don't be afraid to share and brag about why your lineup will be the best!
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to GolfSpy_SHARK in MGS Forum: PGA Tour Pick'em League   
    This is such a tough pick this week. Such a big field!
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to BIG STU in The Good Morning Thread   
    Believe this or not as long as I drove a truck on and off I was NOT a big coffee drinker. For me it was Pepsi. When I took a truck mechanic job here ( I can turn wrenches on them as good as I drive them) the guys had a big coffee urn like the ones you used to see in restaurants. I ended up drinking coffee all the time. We do ours with local honey and believe it or not dry regular powdered milk. 
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    Good Morning ….my office view…. 👍

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    Must be a rough go! 😉
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    Love it man. Reminds me of growing up with us living literally in the middle of the course my old man ran. Later on being on some kind of mower at daylight. Now days I am retired but have my version of it during DST. Being a full member I have some privilages. I tee off basically at daylight before the Men's groups. Out there by myself enjoying the sights and smells. All that combines with the golf. Yeah I hate winter and non DST
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to GolfSpy_APH in The Good Morning Thread   
    Love my Wednesday mornings.
    Get a bit of a sleep in because it's my single day off and Ivan and I have our Swimming Lessons together. 
    Today was first time dunk day which was fun. 
    However because he has more teeth coming in I had to wake him up to take him which was well entertaining. Managed to get down work done prior, good few cups of coffee and a decent breakfast. 
    Now relax and enjoy the sunny weather.
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    Mornings are my go time, have been since those loving Drill Sergeants chearfully woke us gently with garbage can lids banging the can.  It was early 1980s and training was shaped by Vietnam War doctrine of up before dawn to repel the morning attack, our before dawn was 3:30am which also had us doing physical training in the cool of the midwestern summer weather of Missouri.  So 5:00am is like sleeping in right? ⏰
    Little extra time built in so the little bit that is afforded to getting brain in gear is before downstairs to put coffee on, cereal in the bowl, [work] computers on and connected, garbage rolled out today because it is Wednesday, Corgis brought in after their outside after wife gave them breakfast with a carrot snack to help them ignore edible things outside... ☕
    To the basement telework 'office' [photo in yesterday's post] computers logged in to be online by 6:30 - regular programs booted to be fully functional sooner than later - this morning the ancient primary finance system program is on its 8th attempt to boot already...  it's 6:50am.   Yeah, finally it connected and the command prompt (it is that old) window is ready for text only inputs to pull the overnight reports that drives the first part of the work day. 💻🖥️
    Envious of those with flagsticks in their sight in the morning, living vicariously through your posts so keep those coming ⛳ Weekends are totally different, come on weekend 🗓️
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to Tom the Golf Nut in The Good Morning Thread   
    Hold on to your hats all you coffee drinkers. I have never had a cup of coffee. Nope never! 
    Typical mornings:
    Wake up at 6:30 take a shower, get dressed, and let the dog out. Stroll over to my office and log in to work. Check for any urgent emails and answer. Open up MGS and see what's going on. Realize I got caught up and scramble to let the dog back in before he starts digging a hole somewhere. He is only a 9-month-old.  CRAP be right back forgot the dog.
    Okay, I'm back. I can't eat or drink right away in the morning. My body needs wake up time. So around 9:00 I'll stroll to the kitchen and make myself something small (English Muffin, Bagel or some Eggo waffles) and have a hot chocolate or a soda. I keep MGS open most of the day (dual monitors). It might come across as I'm retired but I am still a full timer. Lunch time is noon, so another quick bite (sandwich) and practice some putting or range time on the simulator.  But Fridays are half days and I'm done by 11:45 so off to the course (weather permitting). Weekends start at 7:00am for me. Saturday is typical chores or maybe golf except during winter and early spring. My youngest is still in college and on the track team so Saturdays we usually go to her track meet wherever it may be. Sundays have always been my dedicated golf day. On the course around 8:00 am.     
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to Parshooter36 in The Good Morning Thread   
    My alarm is set for 5:15 am but rarely goes off. I usually get up somewhere between 4:30 and 4:45.  I never was a coffee drinker and gave up sodas a few years back. Energy drinks have been my caffeine delivery vehicle for over 15 years.  Rockstar Zero Carb is my drink of choice.  I use to drink 1 every morning, but for the past couple of years I've started drinking a 2nd in the afternoons. We are leaving on an 8 day cruise Saturday and I figured smuggling 16 Rockstars on the ship was probably pushing my luck, so I have replaced my energy drinks with a caffeine pill.  I am on week 3 of a 200 mg pill in the morning and 1/2 pill in the afternoon which has gone surprisingly smoothly.  I don't miss the drinks nearly as much as I thought, and I'm saving a ton of money as a bonus.  My plan is to gradually start cutting down the dosage of the pills until I don't use them at all, but we'll see.  I could just as easily be back on the Rockstars the day we get back from the cruise!
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    David Leighton Reid reacted to tony@CIC in The Good Morning Thread   
    Interesting differences in peoples am routines. The Navy taught me coffee was indispensable part of life - maybe even a basic food group. Today I limit myself to only 2 cups and on a very rare case 3. I also start to wake up at 5:30 was that also a 'leftover' from the Navy? I don't have to go to work being retired - but I do love mornings. 
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    In the summer before I started running the driving range I went up the hill about 150 yards and started lining the carts up then it was to the barn to do whatever needed to be done that day whether cutting greens or fairways. Now when I took over the range I worked late to pick up balls after we closed at 10:00 to prevent theft. I still did the cart thing but then went to the range to wash the balls picked up the night before. when the range needed to be cut it was sorta a all nighter. Picked the balls then hooked up the pull gangs and cut the range then went ahead and washed balls. Those nights I usually slept in to like 11:00 or so. I would open up the range around 9 AM. Had a retiree come in about noon and I was off until around 6:00 or so. I ran the range the last 2 years before I went into the Navy. Now if I played in a tournament etc then one of two retirees came in or else the range was closed. We used lake balls from our lake on the range so in the winter the range was mostly closed being in a wet low area.. I spent most of the winter in the range shack ( 14 x 16) striping balls heater and radio cranked up. It was kinda tedious with a ball clamp rotator and paint brush. If I really got on it I could do like 40 balls an hour. 
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