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  1. Most golf clubs are made in China, many of them are quality. I had taylormade r7 irons made in China they were excellent. Some of Chibson guitar reviews say there is some quality to them.
  2. I figured since they have been for sale for quite a few years, some sets were bought, but i cant find any reviews on them. So i was hoping those who bought them would know.
  3. The ones sold from china are copies of Japan Beres irons.
  4. I was wondering if the Chinese made copies of Beres irons had any quality to them?
  5. Hi, I didnt buy them, I was wondering if they were worth buying? From what i understand Japan is paying China now to make forged components and send to Japan to be assembled. I just wanted some info on whether or not there is any quality in the chinese made ones. I looked at some unboxings of chibson lespauls and some quality was in those even though pretty cheap.
  6. Hi, Does anyone know anything about the Chinese made Honma Beres irons? They look nice. Is there any quality in them?
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