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  1. My complete set consisted of: Titleist CB Irons 4-pw 2&3 TMB driving irons Three Vokey wedges All irons fitted with Aerotech (Pured) shafts New Detour driver shaft - Pured New 3 metal shaft - Pured Two new rescue shafts - Pured All were refitted with leather grips. Total cost if memory serves - $5,500 I had just started playing again after an 8 year layoff so investing this sort of money seemed a good way to start of on the right foot. I enjoyed the fitting process and my fitter Justin. After some time with the clubs, I decided something was off. The shafts seamed like boards and the lies were too upright even though I made a point to stress they should match my old Hogan Apex irons which I took to the fitting. I thought it was me, as I don't play like I used to, but I know what a good feeling shaft feels like. So I found a set of MacGregor Muirfield irons in Japan that had my old shaft a Precision FM 5.5 that had never been hit 3-SW they we new! I was first fitted for this frequency matched shaft in 1978. The shaft is perfect and just so I was being fair to my custom set, I took them to my lesson and had the pro swing the 8, 5, and 3 iron to compare against the 1987 MacGregors. He commented that he could not feel the clubbed at all in the CB's, and that the MacGregors were pure in every way. Glad to know I am not crazy.... Anyhow, I call Club Champion last week and told them the whole story and have yet to receive a call back.
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