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  1. I might have a different take on this. I played a ton (every day) in high school, ok, college too (on the team) and then life got busy, I explored different hobbies and didn't play golf for 40 years. Well, I probably didn't play for 25 years and I played 1x or 2x/year for 10 years (with my brother-in-law). I retired two weeks ago, but mentally, I picked up the game again last fall. Wow, it sure does take a while to get the game back. I thought that I'd do a few sessions on the range and I'd be back to shooting low 80s in no time. Nope. I started out with hitting the occasional, absolutely beautiful shot followed by rolling the ball 3x. I joined a Tue night league and mostly have been shooting mid-40s (9 holes), but I shot a 35 one night. Then more mid-40s and a 40 last week. The ball striking has been getting better, but the score is about the same. Clubs? I retired the old persimmons when the epoxy let loose and I have some Cobra woods. (Wow, what a difference.) I'm still playing the Ben Hogan Apex IIs. I ran into another retiree at the range on last Tues and he held up an Apex iron. Gotta love it. You either hit 'em pure or not. So, in retirement I'm playing 1x/week but hitting foam balls about 5x/week. The swing is getting better, but I need more chipping practice. First post.... JW
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