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    Golf, my pets, being outside and traveling

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  1. Good Morning Spies!! It is 16 degrees outside this morning. No golf for me today. Just off to work . I will swing train when I get home then some homemade red and green enchiladas for dinner with family. Have a great day everyone.
  2. Congratulations Bryan @GolfSpy BOS on your two year Anniversary!! I want to thank you for all you do and how much you help the MSG community.
  3. Congratulations testers!! Excited to hear how you feel about these balls.
  4. What a great opportunity for one deserving member. This is why the MGS community is so Amazing! I am so proud to be part of it.
  5. It was such a great time today to hear and talk to Sasho about the stack system. This system is so user friendly and keeps you coming back.
  6. Congratulations testers!! I am excited to see how these putters stack up to the ones you are already playing with.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!! It is currently 20 here with a high of 54. Hopefully it is a short day for everyone and those of you that are off can hit the course. Remember it not how you drive it’s how you arrive!!!
  8. Good morning everyone it’s finally Friday! It is currently 36 outside with a high of 54. Chance of rain tomorrow and our first chance of snow on Sunday. Have a great weekend and hit the course if you can.
  9. I would be all over this deal if they included colored balls as well. I am not a fan of white balls anymore.
  10. Happy Friday Spies!! It is 25 here in Flagstaff. My plans include some breakfast with my wife. Run some errands and swing training this afternoon. Have a great day and even better weekend. Hit them straight everyone!!
  11. I usually take two sandwiches or the er turkey or PB&J. I have one I keep in my cooler bag on my push cart and have it at the turn. I have one I keep in a cooler in the car and have it on my way home from the course. I take four cutties(small oranges) I have two on the front 9 and two on the back 9. I take three beers to have during the round. Usually two Dos Equies and one Big Blue Van. I take 64 ozs of water in 2 hydro flasks and electrolyte powder to add to the water during the round.
  12. I am interested in purchasing a e-bike golf bag carrier. Steve Divnick’s is one I really have my eye on. Does anyone have a e-bike carrier and what would you recommend?
  13. Congratulations testers!! This is amazing I can’t wait to hear what you think about this product.
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