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  1. Yes I have one pair, although I have to say that they are not brilliant white, and I wear them at least a couple of times during the summer.
  2. Hi I think that stats like fairways hit, GIR's and number of putts don't tell you alot more than the score card, and don't tell the true story. For a start how wide are the fairways you play, how big are the greens. When I use to go on holiday to Florida to play golf (when my handicap was 18 20 years ago), I could hit 100% of fairways and about 80% GIR's, where as where I play in the UK with narrow fairways, and greens a quarter the size of the ones in Florida the numbers were no where near those %s, I got great at getting out of trouble though!! LOL The other thing is the score that you record on the card, dose not reflect how well you may have played a hole. Here is an example that I always remeber each time I play this hole. 308 yard dogleg right par 4 off are yellow tees. I scored par, hit fairway. GIR 2 putt. Still does not tell the true story. The truth is I hit a bad drive, got lucky ball ended up on the left edge of the fairway just short of the ruff and 150 back from center of the green and I can seee the flag, I hit the best 8 Iron I have ever hit, it finished 12 inches from the hole for birdie, and I pushed the putt right and made par. So in truth I only played 1 good shot on that hole. So what I record is every shot I take, what club and did I hit it thin, fat, off the toe etc and did it finish were I was hopeing for, for driver a quick spray of foot powder, and I can see why the shot ended up where it did, with a geat big ball mark low on the toe!
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