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  1. can't wait to be able to order mine
  2. I've played the last 15 years with my last irons being pw and 60 degree. I'm buying new Mizuno irons including gap wedge at 49 degree and sand wedge at 54 degree and will keep my 60. I will have 1 slot left in the bag and figured I would fill it with wedge. Should I go 58 or something else?
  3. Anyone else know what time all the information is supposed to be released tomorrow?
  4. I can definitely live with 13 dollars more per club. are they offering the same club combinations, like 4 through gap, or 5 to pw?
  5. Prov1 or prov1x for me but I would like to try out snell
  6. 2nd swing seems to be popular, and you can always go to a fitter and see what works for you
  7. good, I really liked what I picked at the fitting for the 921s so it's good to here the options should be the same for the 923s
  8. I'm good with the shafts, I hope they keep the same grips. I was going to get the mcc +4 blue on the 921s. I also hope they keep the same club offerings
  9. I really hope I hit the 923hm as well as I did the 921 at my fitting, since the 923s will be out by the time I can buy them.
  10. It figures that I got fitted for 921 hot metals on Friday with the intent on buying in the next couple months. I guess I'll have to go back and hit the 923s when my fitter gets the fit card. anyone have any idea what the 923 price might look like?
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