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  1. That's helpful info. MSG has proven just how imperfect golfballs are and how little it takes to have an effect. I think this "gimmick" might be more valuable than most have given it credit over the years. I'd love to see MGS test it as well--but then our secret will be out! haha
  2. This is exactly what I was thinking. Have you spun and marked a ball, then placed in several different times and see if it find's the same line each time?
  3. I have seen these around forever and would categorize them as gimmicks. However thanks to MGS ball lab showing us the frequency, severity and effects of off-center cores, now I'm wondering if maybe there is something to this? Could it be used find off-center balls? Could it help us aline an off-center core off the tee? Has anyone seen any testing around this?
  4. There is so much value here--it takes lots and lots of practicing, reading, testing, and playing to understand just how simple and true this is.
  5. I've done many, many fittings of all sorts. Several of which were putter fittings, and several of those I'd consider pointless--with only one being not only worthwhile but great #Evnroll. However, the short answer is that I wouldn't recommend a putter fitting for you based on what you shared. Have you read Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie?
  6. You mentioned the sound. Does it sound like a high pitch "ding"? I have the ER2 and if I miss the center I can really hear it. The sweet spot has a very muted sound. I know my miss is too high in the face and can correct when I get the "ping" or "ding" feedback. I don't know if the ER11 is that way
  7. Funny you mention LAB. That is one of the only putters I couldn't try. It was number one on my list of putters I really wanted to test however being a lefty there isn't even a way to demo LAB. They do have the adjustable demo putter, but only in RH--or at least where I live. The golf equipment universe isn't kind to us lefties
  8. After a decade or so with a Scotty Newport 2.0 I made the switch to Evnroll ER2. After hitting every putter you can imagine over probably a 6 month period it was an easy decision. Well maybe not easy at the time but in hindsight--easy. Putters are very subjective and I'm sure you will find someone on here that will vehemently disagree with this opinion however I love, love my ER2. I flew out to their studio for a fitting and also recommend that. I've been fitted by many people and I'm always shocked at how different the recommendation are. the final adjustments were very similar to my old putter that I think I more or less lucked into (that's another story) and I couldn't be happier with it
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