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  1. You do know that you guys can watch the PGATOUR on Fri, Sat, Sun/ Tournament golf shows the players playing well, that's usually the ones on the first page. Showing random shots brings nothing the broadcast.
  2. I think that LIV will have a TV contract next year (2023) and if it remains free the viewership will go up. Keep in mind that the goal is not to make money, it's to make the pgatour a feeder tour. They seem to think that by taking most of their top players will achieve that goal. LIV has created a fanatical following, that cannot be denied based on this thread alone. Will the general public adapt to team golf is the question. Will some billionaire buy a team? The RC & PC is hugely popular, but that's because they're once every two years. As far as contracts go....I think that if LIV makes it to the fifth year, they'll pick up most player's option.
  3. Nah, LIV and the Pgatour are two different products. The Tour is fine and will remain so. LIV is a gimmick tour and will struggle to maintain relevance.
  4. The PGATOUR has 90% of the last 10 years worth of major winners......LOL!
  5. I suspect that all LIV fans know exactly what you're saying, and you are correct, but they expect the ruling bodies to conform to them instead of meeting any pesky criteria.
  6. Wow! My "A" players definitely differ from yours. I see maybe 2-3, four if I stretch it. Four "B" players. The rest are non-factors IMO. But each to his own.
  7. Only on the LIV Series. #2740+ in the world rankings winning a tournament with some of the best in the world (according to them). The guy is basically a college senior. Would he have won on the pgatour with four rounds and a cut? I don't think so.
  8. This is pretty much what me and my friends think. They offend us with the poor me routine.....Just go away.
  9. Looks a little shady, but if it's that easy to get OWGR points kudos to GN.
  10. Charley Hull .....Oh My!, My Goodness! .....I could watch her swing all day. Not bad looking either. IMO
  11. They're criticizing the Pgatour for not partaking in its own demise. How dare they try to fight off a hostile takeover by a foreign entity.
  12. LIV Golf fanatics would simply reply: "Why not give OWGR points to par 3 contests, they have par 3s on every course in America.. Their silliness knows no bounds.....LOL!
  13. Just for reference: The Pgatour just signed a Television broadcast deal for $700M per year, a nine year deal worth approx. $6.3B. Up Approx. 40% from the last deal. Now imagine having to pay to have your product Broadcasted. I find that hard to believe. *numbers are approx.
  14. Don't you think that the Drip, Drip news is part of the LIV Golf strategy? That's how they remain relevant. IMO
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