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  1. Dont seen to find head weight specs on TSR2 driver .. Anyone got an ideer where to find it ??
  2. Ill have used this. before, il have a go http://golf.okrasa.eu/language/en/
  3. All calculations goes in direction of an overall weight drop on aprox 35 grams. , an a swing weight around D0, so ill go along with the one club testing set up. Time will tell... Thanks for input :O)
  4. sounds like a plan, and i will use this Tool to get the right spot. ;O)
  5. Hej. Im planning to go from 104 steel iron shafts to 64 gram grafits shafts. I`ll expect some change in swing weight, due to the overall weight change. ill be okay to goo a couple of point down in swing weight, but is there a way to control it, some formular or likewise, so i can built them, with out just try and try aging.. ? im going from stiff steel to reg grafits, due to age and a bit slower swing speed at the moment.. I will do the tip trimming according to manefactor specs.. all shafts are extended 1 inch Now : Ping I500, Ping AWT 2.0 Next : Ping I500, Recoil ESX 460 F3 :O) Sinserly Jan E
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