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  1. The inability to vent was what I was worried about. The tip weights have holes that I considered drilling through to allow air to escape, but seems like I should just remove them. Thanks for the insight
  2. My apologies if this was already covered. I have a set of TT AMT Black shafts that I bought some used JPX 919 Hot metal heads to put on. The shafts have tip weights in them. I was wondering if it is necessary to remove the tip weights prior to putting on the new ferrules/heads. I appreciate any guidance that can be provided. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, I will! Heron Glen is an awesome course. I hope you get a chance to get over there.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I used to play a lot of Soccer tournaments at Fort Dix. NJ held their youth state tournament there every year. It is a beautiful area and I am always happy to give recommendations for anything when or if you ever head this way.
  5. Hey Everyone! My name is Chris and I am happy to join the forum here. I have been following MGS for a long time but just decided to get involved with posting. I have been playing golf for 3 years and my Handicap is 17.5 What I love about golf is the never ending journey toward improvement, and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. I have followed MGS product reviews for a bit now. I don't know others on the forum but I am happy to be here. I am from Hunterdon County NJ and my home course is Heron Glen Golf Course. The best thing about golf in my region is the number of outstanding course. The worst is the winter months! I am a full time strength and conditioning coach and I am certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. My username is simply my initials and last name.
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