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  1. I own adidas white pants for the summer golf and a heavier white RL brand for when it's colder. I even have some pink golf pants. They match my pink Ping driver when I use it. I've been playing golf for 55 years. Lettered in high school. I have lots of different colors of pants, shirts, socks, and golf shoes. I also have several different sets of golf clubs. I like looking sharp when I play. Many years ago I had several pairs of plaid pants. And of course they were in every color. I wear pretty much what the pros wear. I like the way they look. The white pants don't get any dirtier than the other light colors. And if they get a stain I just buy another pair. Granted I don't get to wear the white that often. Maybe they get worn a couple times a month. But only because I have a large selection of other clothes, and I don't play as often as I used to. Maybe they are more appropriate for upscale courses. They would probably look out of place if your foursome is in jeans. I'm not trying to be rude. But if you are on the proper course they will not stand out. And I've even been told they look sharp. What's the deal with white pants anyway? I wouldn't suggest wearing black under ware. No white pants? Are yellow pants also out? What about light green? Should we only wear tan, gray, black, and brown? Variety is the spice of life. Loosen up.
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