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  1. I picked up alot of clubs recently but last one was the Exotics CBX hybrid 18*, its a smasher so far. i am looking for Exotics blade putter cover, and am thinking of picking up a Lob wedge, unsure in getting 50* to a 60*. And also looking at picking up maybe and Exotics 5 wood.
  2. All Tour edge here, from top to bottom, bag, tool. I am looking for blade putter cover Exotics only please. Also Exotics gear, tees or jackets. but its very hard to find these. Good luck out there,,
  3. Id like to see highlights of when an exotic is in play, that would be cool. im loving the irons,
  4. New player, tried the Callaway Rogue set and was fine, Looked up info on low key ''underdog'' brands and found Tour Edge and their Exotics line. i have since purchased a XCG7 Beta Driver Used from the evilbay. got it for less than $100 plus shipping and the club is really clean, barely used at all, face is very clean Almost unused. the Driver came in with previous owners settings and i do nothing but Slice. I am new to golf so dont have a real swing down yet, so im not worried, it will come in time. The current setting is at 9.5 which i think is 2* open, which is likely amplifiying my slice, i think i may change it to 12* for Square face and the straightest and highest ball flight. Or i will try the 10U which is 1* Closed face and baby draw with mid to high ball flight. I have played 1 round with the new clubs including driver and i am Excited for whats to come. Good Luck out there yall,,
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