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    As a Former PGA Professional I follow the game of golf immensely and take seriously. I still work with some good players and players with tour aspirations. I am working on my game again after almost ten years off due to back injuries. Most rounds today are 74-77 but seeing improvement in all aspects of my game.

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  1. I too took my 3 wood out months ago. It was dead weight as I may of only hit it once in 20+ rounds. My hybrid I do not hit as far but is much more useful. I hit hybrid yesterday on par 5 about 230 but only average about 205. I hit my 4 iron off the tee on shorter tight par 4s with better accuracy and consistency.
  2. Nice serious setup. With all you have there…are you using any other technology monitor during your practice?
  3. I look forward to your review. I would like to see you compare with other sources for accuracy and the ability to pick up each shot. I have seen with my testing of other technologies that sometimes shots are missed and about one out of ten shows funky numbers. For instance hitting 75 yard SWs, i seen a crazy number like 335 yards. The challenges are good as well, I utilize them on occasion with my MLM pro. I wish I would see more of a range of club utilization as in playing a round ie: D,7, D,W,.etc. Lastly, how quickly it connects (using Bluetooth or Internet). Good luck and I look forward to your results.
  4. Good comment. You would think that the “Golf Channel” would promote golf and not cut it down. I do not think any of the current content is positive and I agree that the narrative is not something I want to hear from these individuals. I want to watch events but, could care less about a players personal life. Just give me the golf.
  5. Anyone have this happen to them? I used to know a really good player, that always wanted to play me. If I could not ride with him, I would decline... The Golfer's Dilemma: https://www.facebook.com/reel/329684049745277?sfnsn=mo&mibextid=xtUTm5
  6. Must be nice...been raining 3 hours south of you since 7am and supposed to get worse all day long.
  7. About Me: The Personal Questions · I live and play out of Southeast Florida – Palm Beach County · I have been playing golf for 52 Years · I am a former professional but now play mostly in mid 70s to low 80s. I still am competitive but, have nowhere close to the skills I once had. The Golf Questions · I will test these garments on the golf course, leisure as well as determine how they wash for the next time wearing. · I have a closet with over 80 golf shirts of all materials and styles and will compare them to this wardrobe. · I will make a determination on how they fit, react in hot weather and maintain their size for future rounds. If they are uncomfortable, they will remain but be utilized only for leisure and not for the course. If these garments pass the muster, I will continue to wear and potentially order additional in the future. · I have worn almost every golf garment made over the past 50 years at one time or another. Although, I used to either receive at no charge from the manufacturers or purchase for a steep discount, I now must pay for golf attire like everyone else. · I know that the company is making short runs of various styles and colors. They are touting high quality for a more reasonable price. I like the fact that these are not mass produced with millions exactly the same at least as far as prints. This is great so that you do not show up at the club with the exact shirt of others. Although not as important as women typically, it is still nice to wear something more original. · At this point, I have no expectations as far as being wearable and functionality and will let the products stand by their own merit. As a very experienced player and former owner of various golf pro shops, I have many years of choosing and wearing apparel from many manufacturers. I hope the product stands up to their claims. I absolutely hate golf garments that are binding and restrict swinging to normal movements. So the ability to maintain sizing and remain uniform is a requirement. Also, living in the tropical area of the United States the ability for the product to wick and remain lose and not stick to the body with perspiration will be very important. Lastly, the product must not be like wearing a body bag and be extremely hot while wearing. All in all, the products must not shrink or fade with normal washing and wear. Please find the results of my testing of the polo and hoodie from Real Golfers below: First Impressions: I received the garments today (10-3-23) and removed them from the packaging. From first sight, the garments seem to be of better than expected quality. The shirt is of the same quality as the best Greg Norman or Millar polos with a fully sewn collar found only on the best golf attire. The hoodie is as the polo and seems to be of the highest quality. If I had to say anything negative at this point, I would say the choice of sending me a black polo for South Florida may have been an oversight. We are still averaging between 88 and 94 daily temperatures. The Review Aesthetics The garments are cut normally but, would suggest they seem to be a little short as a tuck-in. My sample was black which is not something I would normally wear on the golf course here in South Florida. I would say in the cooler climates it will be acceptable. Both the polo and the hoodie look great, stylish and look as advertised (top quality). As stated previously, the appearance is very acceptable although the material used is very heavy as compared to most polos I would wear to play golf. As a golf professional of forty-six years the old Pickering 100% Lisle cotton polos were the best for playing on the course. I would definitely wear these for off-course and potentially in the colder months of the year. Not to be redundant, but the polo is not conducive to the high heat and humidity of South Florida for most of the year. I would opt for a thinner and more breathable material. Features: Washability: I have cleaned both the polo and the hoodie after wearing. I find for the first wash or two, the garments hold their shape and color as the best in apparel. Upon washing and after reasonable amount of time in the dryer, I hung both the hoodie and polo on hangers as to not fry them (note: this is how I take care of all of my golf attire). Reason: I do not want to iron and tight garments after being dried on overtime tend to shrink, again….not something conducive to playing golf. I mentioned previously, that the garments seem to be sewn of the highest quality. The workmanship is top-notch. The company claims to not re-stock so they should be limited styles and tend to be more original. Wearable attributes: The Cut seems to be a little short for a tuck-in, especially for the high heat days. As the material on the polo seems to be quite thick, I think when damp from perspiration it would be somewhat binding. Please note: I wore the polo only on the cool days (less than 82 high temp. I wore the hoodie only to the golf course for an early morning tee time. That morning the temp was at 71 when leaving the house. By the time I made it to the course, the temp was at 79, so I left it in the car. The hoodie seems a little snug but I cannot say that it was binding at all. Seems to move with the body quite well. As I stated earlier, although I wore the polo as evening attire, I could not wear during the 90-95 days as the material was a thicker material and the color I was sent was black. The polo was very comfortable as evening attire. Originality: Again, as per the company, they will not re-stock so they will have to design new alternatives on a regular basis. We will have to see in the future if they can afford to keep that promise. Styles seem somewhat typical but the prints are quite nice. Pricing: As I am primarily interested in the polos until the cooler days of January and February most of my research was done with their polos. I signed up for updates from their website: I believe I only received one email from them I have noticed their polo prices to be comparable and slightly lower than the highest pro shops. Prices ranged from $60 USD to mid $80s for the most part. I did notice though, that when they are at the end of inventory for a given style, they lower the price significantly – down to $22.50. But, the only size available for the reduced price was small…. Not a size this body has fit into since about 1970. Fit & Comfort: Described in other parts of my response. I would only comment that the garments are not the same fullness as the Cutter and Buck lines. On-Course While wearing when playing, I felt no limitations as the polo stretched and adjusted to the movements. I did have to tuck back in once and then as the temperature was getting warmer, I eventually left it out without tucking. The polo remained tight around my chest and arms How well did they perform in terms of movement within your swing? I would like a shirt that is a little more roomie. Please note however, although I wear XL sizes I am 215 pounds and am 6 foot one inch and like the feel of roominess while playing. For years, I wore the Pickering all lisle cotton shirts while playing competitively. Today, it is impossible to find any such golf shirts. It seems that all available today are now man-made materials. Tight shirts never make it out of my closet for playing and are worn only for evening activities and for work. Please do not take my comments as totally negative because that is not the intent. I believe if this test was done at a cooler time of the year, I would have a much better opinion. I currently wear some Cutter and Buck, Callaway and others made from a thinner material. I wear these same type polos during all twelve months of the year. As far as wearing second layers: I have some flat knit sweaters and some fleece wear that are for the colder months. Included in this outer garments are wind-shirts and vests. The vests typically have limited or no sleeves. The hoodie will be used predominantly for the same type weather in the January to February time frames. I must admit, others in my golfing group commented on the polo, all in a positive manner. I still have not had any days since the start of testing for me to sample the hoodie during play. I feel there were no limitations to my play from wearing the polo other than the weight of the fabric seemed uncomfortable. The Good, the bad, and the in between Summary Overall, I think the quality of the garments are very acceptable. They look good, fit well and it is evident that the manufacturer went the extra steps to make them as good or better than most of the golf type garments available today. I would suggest to the manufacturer that they look for an alternative material for the polos if they want to market them for warmer climates. A lighter weight material is mandatory for me to wear ten months out of the year. Secondly, I would suggest that the manufacturer look at potentially designing a light weight wind-shirt. Lastly, I like wearing a vest when I need a little more protection from the windy days but, I dislike the binding of full sleeves. I have several golf vests that fill this need. Lastly, I like the fact that the goal of Real Golfers is to keep pricing 20-30 percent under the competition while still providing well designed prints. Play it or Trade it? To be honest, I do not plan on purchasing any of the company’s current polos. As I stated previously, quality is not the issue buy wearing a comfortable garment on the golf course is important for my game. This polo is something I would typically only wear for dinner or an evening function. I believe, assuming all of their polos are of the same weight, that their products are better suited to golfers who live in colder climates. I like the originality of their designs and their overall price point. I will periodically review their website to see if they decided to make a lighter weight material polo and maybe I will try another one at a later time. Conclusion The Real Golfer brand is a very good attempt at providing high quality golf wear at a more reasonable price point. As their goal is to keep their styles on a more original basis, a golfer should not expect that he should see the same exact garment being worn by others around the club. My greatest complaint is that the weight of the garments are geared towards the cooler climates and therefore will not be a big hit here in South Florida. Final Score (85 out of 100)
  8. I tend to agree. When Callaway fitted me a month ago, they recommended the HZRDOUS Black 60. Although I only have played 4-5 times with it, the fairway is only missed if I make a pretty bad swing.
  9. Agreed, 120 channels, I will never watch at about $1/channel a month. I stream everything at 1/10th the cost.
  10. Good. I have not been able to do any swings with mine but, It feels nice and seems to move with my movements.
  11. Well, as far as I am concerned, GC has gone downhill since they were purchased. I cant stand Chamblee. As a once mediocre touring pro, somehow he is now the authority on everything. Now, they limit how much we see of tournaments. I watch most of tour events on Sky Sports out of GB, which is the GC feed but, with better commentating. It was much better when Arnie was still alive.
  12. Four Wedges: PW - 47, AW - 51, SW - 56, LW - 60
  13. Well, I attempted to wear it yesterday. Put on and received a message “golf course closed”. We have had so much rain that I have only played five times since July 15th. I did wear it to meet the guys and we had lunch. Sorry, no golf activity with the polo yet. BTW: only going to 90 today, so getting closer to being able wear the hoodie. I may have to go to a hockey game.
  14. My first impressions are of high quality. The material is not breathable enough. I intended to wear it this past Friday, but, I knew it was to rain and wanted to give it a better shot. I wore it to a meeting where it was fine for a dress/casual use. I was afraid to wear on Saturday’s round due to 90 degree expected temps. As I stated previously, sending a South Florida resident a black shirt was probably an oversight. We only wear black in the evenings and to funerals. From my initial attempt at testing, it should be noted that it is made from a very thick material, Yes, it does stretch but seems to be binding in upper arm and shoulder areas. As per other comments, it seems to be cut a little short to be comfortable when tucked. My goal is to wear for a practice session this week whereby I will not have to suffer through 5 hours of being a heat magnet (black garment). You can call me “old school” if you want but, i miss the good old Pickering line of cotton lisle polos.
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