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  1. Brad Vancouver, Canada - but close enough to the border and Blaine/Bellingham to be able to get to a fitting (aware you state US only, however I am close enough and can travel for fitting in either spot. 110 hdcp 5 Titleist 915Fd 13.5 Matrix Reign 70T X Mizuno MP MCC Flihi 2 (bent to 17d) PX Hzrdus Black 85 6.5 Miura CB501 3i (yeah still carry however been trying other options as possibilities. Dig driving irons so crossover is intrigueing)
  2. Brad BC Canada 4hdcp 110mph G400LST 8.5 w matrix reign black 70T X flex Epic flash SubZero
  3. Your first name: Brad Your home state/province/country: Vancouver BC Canada Your handicap: 4 Your current irons set/shaft: Miura cb501 w/Aerotech i110X Your PING choice - i210 or i500: i500
  4. IBlade heads only 4 to PW Blue Dot 8.5-9/10 $625 Glide 1.0 wedges 50SS 9/10 - $75 54SS 9/10 - $75 58SS 8.5/10 (sole has most wear still tons of groove left) - $75 Mizuno Fli Hi 2i (18d) head only 9/10 $90 Can do $120 with a Aerotech i95S or player spec X
  5. Like any golf ho, always looking for the best....interested in both versions of the Mizuno driver this year and those shaft options are killer! First name/home state or province: Brad, BC Canada Current driver/shaft combo: EPIC SZ Diamana Whiteboard 70X Swing speed/handicap: 110, 4 Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft: 9.5d w/ Tensei White 70X tipped .75 inch cut to 44.25 playing length
  6. Vancouver BC Canada 5hdcp...112SS Callaway Epic SZ 8.5 diamana d+ 70X G400 LST 8.5 w/Hzrdus Yellow 6.5
  7. Your first name and home state/province - Brad, BC, Canada Your current putter & putter specs Byron Morgan DH89, 33 inches, 1 flat, 360g, RH Your preferred Odyssey O-Works model/color Odyssey OWorks 7s
  8. Your first name & home state or province Brad, BC Canada Your current driver/shaft combo EPIC SZ 9 set to 8, Diamana D+ 70X Your driver swing speed and average distance 109, 290 Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names brad_l28, mrlongball28 Your Smart Phone type (iPhone or Android) Android
  9. Count me in! 1. Your first name and your state/province/country - Brad, BC Canada ​2. Your current gamer - Byron Morgan DH89 3. Custom fit - yes or no? YES 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 or Studio Stock 8 (click here to view) - Studio Stock #8 1. Your first name and your state/province/country ​2. Your current gamer 3. Custom fit - yes or no? 4. Preferred putter - Queen B 9 or Studio Stock 8 (click here to view)
  10. 1. Your first name and home state/province: Brad, BC, Canada 2. Your current handicap 4 3. Your current set of irons Miura CB501 3-PW, Aerotech Player Spec And.... 4: Visit MIzuno's website (click here) and determine which JPX 900 iron set best fits your game! JPX900 Tours and would love to test these with the PX LZ Tour 6.0s! Very cool opportunity! Thanks MGS
  11. 1. First name and home state or province - Brad, BC, Canada 2. Current handicap - 3.6 3. Current driver and shaft combo - Cobra KING LTD Pro Matrix Reign Black 70T X 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance - 110mph, 265 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer - Adam Hadwin Great opportunity. Thanks MSG
  12. Brad Vancouver, BC, Canada 4 Miura CB501 Player spec steelfibers
  13. Very cool testing opportunity. Would test up against my current LTD Pro and with my shaft to boot! (Matrix Reign Black 70T X) Your Handicap - 5 Your State/Province BC Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance 112 /270 Your preference - F7+
  14. Brad, BC Canada, 3.9 Z765 8.5, Matrix REIGN Black, 70T, X Z FZ65, 13.5, SPeed Rulz C70X Z UZ65, 18, Aerotech i95X 4-9 Aerotech i110X RTX 3.0 47, 54, 60 Tour Satin, Aerotech i125X Huntington Beach 1, 33 Srixon Tour Stand Bag Srixon Z Star XV YELLOW Awesome opportunity!!
  15. Here it is. Make an offer. shipping included within PST/MST otherwise PM and let me know where you are. Looking for KING LTD Pro head only in RH for trades 1. OBAN Devotion 6, 05 (x) flex driver length w/m1 adapter - $110 2. UST VTS Silver 7x, 3w length, no tip - $75 3. Diamana Kai;li, 3w, no tip, blue PURE grip -$110 4. Yes! Callie I4 Tech, mint, head only - $75 5. Cobra Bio Cell +, blue, 3/4 fwy w/adapter - $75 6. Yes! Pippi 304SS (rare) 34 inches, mint - $110 7. Mitsubishi KuroKage 60 S, TiNi, driver length - $80 Lets move em!
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