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  1. Mathieu Moulton, Alberta, 6 Handicap Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Raw 50*, 54*, 58* Irons: Srixon Z965 4-PW X-Stiff Utility: Srixon Z U65 3 (20*) Fairway: Srixon ZF65 X-Stiff Driver: Srixon Z 765 X-Stiff
  2. Mathieu - Calgary, Alberta, Canada Always walking and carry my bag Currently using taylormade tourlite stand bag
  3. Can't find a video but the scene in The Other Guys she they're getting chased by a chopper, end up driving through a driving range and the golfers start pelting it with balls till it explodes.
  4. These greens look terribly mean... Glad I am not playing there this weekend. Nice to see some AMs posting good rounds.
  5. Thanks for the insight! I think I may give it a try, I liked my short v2 cause it felt real stiff, really felt like i could square up the club easily so maybe the XStiff will be good!
  6. Hey MGS, I am looking into upgrading my driver finally as I am still playing an original TM R9. I love the club head with it's compact shape but I really don't like the feel of the stiff Motore shaft in it. (Played with a shorter V2 for a bit but just didn't get the distance I wanted). I'm considering buying a 913 D3 in 8.5 with an XStiff diamana black 72 shaft. I'm a tall guy (6'4") and don't struggle getting some extra club head speed I'm just wondering if I'll see a big performance upgrade from the 6 year old driver compared to the 3 year old driver... Regards
  7. Hello MyGolfSpy, I'm looking to get my irons regripped as I just bought them and they need new grips (bought used). I recently bought some mp32s and they had some nice soft winn grips on them. Now I have been playing tour velvets (on wedges and driver) as well as multi compounds (irons, 3wood) for a long time but, I might say my iron swing has improved with these softer tackier grips. I know obviously grips are important dependant on size and environement but is there really much performance difference between the two? Really I'm trying to decide if I should start leaning towards tour wraps for my set rather then my current corded grips.
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone! Ended up pulling the trigger and bought them and actually almost shot my best round ever at my course. Very good investment and I believe I missed 6 GIRs as well, the 3 iron in the mp32 is the best i've ever hit a 3 iron.
  9. Hello MyGolfSpy. I have been playing the wilson staff pi7's for the last three years and have been looking around at iron sets just to see what I can find. I have come across a set of Mizuno mp32s available for 180$. Now my question is should I buy them? I mean I hit my wilsons just fine and am playing at about a 7 handicap but I've always wanted to have a set of muscle back clubs. I'm just worried my score will take a big hit if I turn to these irons. Advice? Thanks
  10. Golf Town! It's like my second home. Pretty much golf galaxy or any other golf store but it's canadian so obviously way better
  11. Called it! i love having sources in the industry
  12. So glad to hear this! I love my wilson Pi7's!
  13. I heard Camillo is switching over to taylormade. I have a legitimate source as well what are your thoughts?
  14. It works haha how about the bottom of the laguna? and was it tough cause I'm thinking of redoing my sqaureback....
  15. Is the bottom painted white or just the color taken out?? Looks amazing though!
  16. I actually really like it so far! I mean the sound is a little obnoxious but at least I can hit it far and straight! I mean I can't really spot out anything about it that I don't like haha
  17. Hey guy's I have a practically brand new Cameron I'm looking to sell/trade possibly depending on offers. The reason I want to sell it is because I really want to get a more newport style putter. So I am open to trades for older camerons as long as they are newport style! Thanks Guys!
  18. Well here's what's in my bag! Bag : Not sure what model.... Driver : Cleveland Hi-Bore XLS Stiff Woods : Wilson FY-Brid 3 wood irons : Wilson Pi7 (3-P) Wedges : Titleist Vokey (54* and 60*) Putter : Scotty Cameron Studio Select squareback no1 Balls : Any tour ball I find or get for cheap
  19. Do you have to order tamiya? or can you get it at any hobby store
  20. Thanks! I wanted to try on the bottom first see how it worked but I might do it to the titleist logo in the back now. Use acrylic paint pens or nail polish haha
  21. So I was bored today. Just got off work from the course and the weather wasn't so nice so i decided to go home. I watched a video videoand thought hey paint filling looks pretty easy.... So I grabbed my older 60* wedge and decided to start messing around. I decided to do the number on the bottom cause if I mess up it won't matter cause it's always facing down anyways here's how I started.... - I first took my original wedge - Then I used nail polish remover and a pocket knife to scrape out all the old black paint in the numbers - Then I generously applied paint over the area (purple is sweet ok.....)Let it dry for a while - Then wiped away the excess with nail polish remover and a rag - Applied another coat (again more drying) - wiped away the rest and Voila!!! (It's a lot more colorful in person not sure what was up with my camera) I believe it looks relitively nice and might have to do it to the titleist logo on the back.... I will keep you guys updated on the durability and such after washing clubs etc. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this!
  22. So I am almost at the point where my set is 100% complete and I am happy with it the only 2 things that are missing are a new driver to replace my old sasquatch and a 52 or 54 wedge to fill in my gap. So my real question for you today is what should i do.... At my local golf shop I could get a taylormade R9 for 290$, then you get 100$ towards more taylormade stuff so I could get a wedge. Or is it better off to cheap out and get an older driver like a cleveland launcher for 198 or a cobra S91 for 198 and then buy a new wedge separately.... After writting all this I find that I'm mainly looking for a deal or the best driver for my dollar. Thanks! Mat
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