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  1. First thank you Ben for all the work you put into making this a great event. Second the flights look pretty darn good. Looking forward to the new season and the scores. Let’s go Spy’s and have the best season yet!!
  2. Nice clean clubs that perform! Nice practice round
  3. My first set of clubs were cut down from my Dad. Then I caddied and bought Northwesterns. From there I moved up to Hogans and played them all through high school. I loved them.
  4. It won’t change him and I would lose my entertainment, ha ha. Yesterday we were all laughing at him
  5. The approach is everything. Like every interaction if the approach is well timed and presented it is often accepted better. However, some people are A-holes no matter how they are approached.
  6. Agree and for me I like spinning him up as cheap entertainment. Breaks up the day. He gets so angry and doesn’t understand why the rest of us just laugh. We tell him, hey you aren’t the course sheriff. Just play and relax.
  7. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Funny we have three courses here in our community. They all have separate pros, maintenance and staffs. One course the marshals are friendly, but very proactive. Another course the marshals are basically nonexistent. The third course is hit or miss. I think it confuses the members since they aren’t consistent. One of my good friends is one of those proactive marshals. However, he believes he is still a marshal when we are playing. He will get into confrontations at times when we play with players. He can’t relax and just play. He is always taking it personally when a group or person break the rules or are too slow. Sometimes he gets so emotional I can only laugh.
  8. Yes, that is crap! Six guys that don’t care about the effect on the rest of the groups.
  9. Question: would you rather see a marshal that does nothing about pace of play or one that is over zealous? I have witnessed both and don’t care for either. Especially a marshal that makes things up as they go. However, since I play fast it’s the lazy marshal that bugs me the most.
  10. Carnoustie is a great test, shot 79. First time at the Old, I shot 74. Have a great time! You staying in St. Andrews? We were around the corner from the Old Course.
  11. Good pictures and trip! I personally did not find the Castle harder than Carnoustie. Did you? Weather aside.
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