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  1. I agree with this advice. Not to mention with the lighter shafts you may find yourself overloading them and hitting sweeping hooks. I switched from KBS C-Tour lites at 110 grams to the TT DG 120’s and actually picked up club head speed and accuracy. Not to mention a lower more penetrating ball flight. The switch to the heavier shaft with a different kick worked for me. However, as stated by Golfspy_Lukes get fitted! I think you will be surprised.
  2. If you have room I would like to join.
  3. Funny you say that because I knew people that used to microwave the old titleist balls that had the liquid core. They said they did it for about 5 to 10 seconds to make the ball more lively. I never tried it so, not sure if it really worked.
  4. I agree and to expand on the topic. I am a single digit handicap. My weakness is putting ( example I hit 15 greens today and only shot 1 under). I just purchased one of these putters Tommy specs and hope to report on ground breaking putting!
  5. I don’t think I could agree with this assessment. There are many good players that will pay for top end equipment. It’s not to impress, it’s to get the best out of their game. Now I will acknowledge their is the crowd that buys the “newest and latest gimmick” but the wasn’t the basis of this post.
  6. I didn’t want it custom. Just all black and they are doing the length and lie adjustment. Plus they are providing a generous military discount
  7. Whatever fits and makes it fun for everyone. Each have their own limits. I’m a retired guy that enjoys the game, good clubs and hopefully playing well!
  8. Insane was the wrong term. However, I do like the stimulated conversation. Oh by the way I have them down to 1100.
  9. I put up the question to spark some interesting conversation. I think we achieved that goal. We did have confirmation that 2500 for a putter is insane. However, I found the physics debate on putting very interesting. My take: putting is a very personal thing. You either putt well or you don’t. I don't believe any two people putt exactly the same. The only real items most good putters do the same: have a stance that allows them to see the line, have the palm of the right hand going towards the target, have a slight forward press and slight open putter toe. Then just swing all the way through the putt. Just my two cents.
  10. Thanks for the honest feedback on the putter. Seems you just validated what we all were thinking. Hope you get a buyer.
  11. So, out of pure curiosity I sent an email to them and asked if they gave any military discount. They offered a 25 percent discount. Still not biting! Then I asked the price if I did not want to change the color and only wanted the standard putter with a length and lie adjustment. They told me they could do that for $1500. Still a no, but heck I already have them down a grand, ha ha.
  12. I was only quoting what they said on the golf channel as far as stable. I agree with your assessment. I think it is a gimmick to justify using different materials and then calling it ground breaking. I believe hood putters can putt with anything. Heck Lee Trevino hustled people using a coke bottle as the putter head.
  13. Since you actually had hands on one, does it come off the face faster and more stable? That’s what they claim with the inverted groove face design.
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