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  1. Any pain or issues with the swinging you’ve been doing so far?
  2. Haha…there might be a few others here that would be interested in that as well!
  3. Seems like they’ve been fun to use also! Looking forward to seeing the final review.
  4. Golf is a funny game, it’s truly amazing how quick it can come (or go)!
  5. Good to hear it performs as advertised…hopefully the testers will see the same results!
  6. I haven’t seen Avon Chamois in a long time…used these for years growing up. The grip was completely smooth after years of use and was still tacky!
  7. This is amazing…need to figure out some way to get that on a headcover!
  8. Tried to pick at it some tonight with no luck, was trying not to dig in too deep to avoid tearing up the insert. No change in anything with the marks, will just keep an eye on it as time goes by to see if anything changes…and will be more diligent about cleaning off the balls on the practice green going forward!
  9. If using these to play golf, do they seem stable on your face or do you have any movement during your swing?
  10. I am really curious to see if the testers see consistent distance and/or accuracy across the entire face. My consistency with the driver is being all over the face!
  11. TJ Hall


    There are tests for lefties, I just recently did the Odyssey Ai-ONE test as a lefty. There are also plenty of other lefties on the forum overall.
  12. Thank you! Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention to it until I saw some of the other posts about milestones. There will be plenty of other milestones for you coming up to hit, just post about one one those!
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