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    TJ Hall reacted to GolfSpy SAM in #ASKMYGOLFSPY - L.A.B. Golf Edition   
    So, I just tried to record a 5-second video clip with my iPhone (13 Pro, if that matters), with settings from 4k 24 (my standard) down to HD 30, and all of them came in over the 5mb limit.  
      So, I found this site here:  https://invideo.io/tools/compress/video-compressor/  -  just upload your file to that, select the "medium" compression, and my 4k file went from 12mb to 2.5mb in about 3 minutes, total.
    It's easy, it's free, and you don't have to sign up for anything (always an added bonus).  
      Hope that helps!
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    TJ Hall got a reaction from DawgDaddy in Shoot Your Age Thread-Tell Us All About It   
    I played with a guy one time (never played with before)…shot a very boring 73 (with him being 75).  Driver was a low draw 200 yards, next shot was a low draw…next shot followed was a low draw,  ext shot was a low draw…every single time.  I shot a 76 and got to see much more of the course than him!
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    TJ Hall got a reaction from Rob Person in L.A.B. DF3 Putters - 2024 Forum Review   
    Can’t wait to see what this looks like once you get it…very nice looking!
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    TJ Hall got a reaction from Rob Person in TJ Hall - 1000th Post   
    Thank you!
    Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention to it until I saw some of the other posts about milestones.
    There will be plenty of other milestones for you coming up to hit, just post about one one those!
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    TJ Hall reacted to NubianRugby in How'd you play?   
    Played 15 holes after work yesterday and was striking the ball very well off the tee and on approaches after I started dropping my hands a little bit when I addressed the ball. The problem was that I couldn't putt, started off with 4 3-putts in a row!!! I would take a good line, hit the back of the cup (or just miss), and keep rolling 10 feet past the hole and follow that up by coming up short on the come backer.
    Also finding as that I'm getting my game together I'm hitting my short irons about 10-15 yards longer than usual which caused a couple of problems on approaches. I've been taking an extra club to make sure I have enough distance while I'm choking down and shortening my swing which results in me flushing those shots and overshooting greens. When I take the "right" club I tend to overswing, mishit, and otherwise make a mess of it. Still, I count airmailing a green with a pure shot a "good" miss that I'm willing to live with.
    Supposed to be 72 and sunny when I get done with work today. I should practice chipping/putting, but I may have to get another 9. 
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    TJ Hall reacted to sp0rtsfan86 in How'd you play?   
    Had 3 rounds since last update.
    I don't remember too much of Thursday's 48. Other than it wasn't particularly good after the first few holes. 
    Saturday. I was aiming for keeping my score under 95, so was hoping to be in at 47. I was already +12 so that was not looking likely after 8. On 9, I hit a good tee shot to the middle of the fairway, pulled a 9 iron (full club heavy) and hit a low draw/hook that landed on the front edge of the fringe, rolled toward the pin, hit it solidly, backed up and went back in.  Shot 46 and 48 from the blues, so mission accomplished but 2 strokes were saved no that fluke eagle.
    Sunday's round was more my style. 47 on the front and 42 on the back. My short game was firing on all cylinders with multiple 5 foot 1 putts. A slight takeaway tweak gave me the confidence to start hitting them close and the putter was warm enough to keep making them.
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    TJ Hall reacted to ShimmyCocoBop in Whose everyone’s favourite swing??   
    Don't forget Ho-Sung Choi - Scottie Scheffler is his only "close" competition....
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    TJ Hall reacted to trike11 in Whose everyone’s favourite swing??   
    Nelly and it's not close.
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    TJ Hall reacted to Sonny Beach in What Have You Bought Lately? (CHA - Club Ho's Anonymous)   
    After purchasing the Ai Smoke Max 9* driver and loving it, I bought the 3, 5 and 7 FW. The Ai technology works well for me so I bought the Ai Smoke irons and love them too. Not sure changing shafts would improve the performance of my driver much. I already have a pretty tight dispersion with the stock Tensi shaft. I can draw, fade and slice it as well. I just added a Ai smoke, 4 H hybrid and like it too.  I like the height and dispersion  I'm getting out of the hybrid off the fairway so I'm going to replace my 7 FW with a 3 hybrid now. The 7 wood just doesn't offer as much versatility. I would test a shaft but I wouldn't replace the one I'm using currently, just to gain a few yards, unless it out performs it in all the other categories. 
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    TJ Hall reacted to Shrek74 in TJ Hall - 1000th Post   
    Congrats on the 1000th!! I forgot to keep track of mine, thus I blew right past it. 🙂
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    TJ Hall reacted to JAYER38 in Testers Announced! Callaway Ai-Smoke Drivers   
    Gearing up for the test! Ordered a weight kit to test out some variables

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    TJ Hall got a reaction from GolfSpy_APH in Tester   
    This is so true…I didn’t realize how much work/effort was really involved with a test until being a part of one.  It is definitely not a giveaway and there are expectations and requirements that have to be met.
    It’s been said on other threads as well, but you really have to think about how you will approach the test and get data/numbers that mean something.
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    TJ Hall got a reaction from jdasher206 in Tester   
    This is so true…I didn’t realize how much work/effort was really involved with a test until being a part of one.  It is definitely not a giveaway and there are expectations and requirements that have to be met.
    It’s been said on other threads as well, but you really have to think about how you will approach the test and get data/numbers that mean something.
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    TJ Hall reacted to GolfSpy_BNG in Tester   
    Oh I’m here. I’m always watching!!
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    TJ Hall reacted to Syks7 in Tester   
    Exactly this.  There's a lot of tests I don't apply for for a variety of reasons.  Three of them being time constraints,  lack of interest in the product, and something that's outside my wheelhouse.
    For instance of two recent tests posted (Smoke AI Drivers & Autoflex shafts) I only applied to one.  I have a driver head I like, don't necessarily get along with callaway product (for whatever reason), and am more interested in how driver shafts can affect the head performance.   Kind of made which one to apply for a no brainer. 
    Being a reviewer isn't about getting free product, it can be shockingly large amount of work to write a good review.  Being actively involved in the forum helps show the mods what you're interested in and what kind of product might be a good fit for you to test.
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    TJ Hall reacted to RaRa Golf in What Have You Built Recently?   
    Added some carbon wrap to the Fang alignment plate.
    Looks nicer than the dull black plastic, and now it matches the carbon on my original 2-ball

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    TJ Hall reacted to ejgaudette in Fit For Golf Training App - 2024 Forum Review   
    Glad to see things are getting rolling. Should be great to see all the new features and programs and how they help you with your gold game and overall health.
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    TJ Hall reacted to ILMgolfnut in Fit For Golf Training App - 2024 Forum Review   
    Did my second FFG workout last night using the Home Based -- Bands and Dumbbells protocol. Once again I find myself out of town and using a hotel fitness room, but this one had a cable machine which filled in for the bands nicely. I bumped up the intensity a tad from the initial workout last week, and found myself quite whipped when the session was over. Without giving away too much, this program includes the Dynamic Warmup, three supersets with bands/cable, bodyweight and dumbbells, and a Band Transition superset at the end (see below). I'm focusing on gaining clubhead speed so the recommended exercises are directed toward that goal. When I do my next set on Thursday (spending Wednesday night on airplanes), it will be a slightly different workout (Workout B) from the same protocol.

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    TJ Hall reacted to taylorjonasher in Fit For Golf Training App - 2024 Forum Review   
    Hey everyone - I'm here to fill you in on week one of FFG! The program I selected after answering a few questions on the program matcher was "Velocity". I will admit there were a couple of hiccups during the set up phase that were a little frustrating to work around, but the content beyond is really, REALLY good. I will chalk this up to being a brand new app release and I expect these small wrinkles to be ironed out quickly. 
    When you first login, you are prompted to create your profile, however, app permissions on the Android are not provisioned to be able to gain access to your local media files, so the profile picture was skipped (no big deal for me). 

    I found the program matcher to have plenty of options for users of all stages of their fitness levels and goals. I have been training for a few years with a progressive overload program focusing on overall general strength, but have added in some more golf specific movements as of the last 6-9 months. I want to increase my clubhead speed, and this is one of the options to be able to focus on with the app. The program matcher questions present with equipment available, what your experience level is, and what your goals are. After answering these questions, you are presented with a few options for programs. 

    Once your program is selected, you are them prompted to begin scheduling your workout. I opted for three days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am still going to keep one day a week of my previous four day splits and rotate them in so that I don't feel like I am losing too much of my previous progress. 

    The first week of work, I was only able to complete 2 / 3 of the workouts, as I had a really important guys golf trip planned for the first training Friday that was not going to get moved around. However, the first two workouts were really productive, and I found them to be challenging. 
    The beginning of each workout is comprised of a warm up, made up of about 16 exercises designed to loosen up the body and get the blood moving. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes to run through and works up a small sweat to get you ready for the main movements that the program consists of. I really enjoy the dynamic warm up, so much that I will be adopting it as my pre-game routine on the course. It does a great job of stretching out and opening up my spine, hips, and shoulders and prepares me to be able to put maximum effort into the workout. After completing the warm up, you move right into the meat and potatoes, usually 4-6 movements as strict sets or supersets. 
    If you are unfamiliar with a particular prescribed workout, there are super handy videos that are accessible directly from the workout plan for reference. I find myself using these quite frequently before the workout so that I can remember what all the variants of the movement are. This is probably my favorite feature of the app thus far, as it is very helpful to be able to know what the correct way to do an exercise is. Mike does a great job of narrating what the focus and intent of each movement is over the video, so there is no doubt what you are supposed to be doing. 
    This particular program (Velocity), is focused on moving lighter weights at higher speed. I would encourage everyone to HONESTLY answer the program matcher questions, as I feel that some of the rotational exercises could put a less advanced user at risk for injury if attempted at maximum effort without having a solid base already in place. As with any exercise program, listen to your body and don't be a dipsh*t - there's no reason to put yourself out of commission by going too hard too fast. 
    That said, I'm really excited to track my progress and see how my clubhead speed tracks. Last week I used my friend's Swing Caddy set up in my garage for a baseline, and came up with a 105 mph average over 5 swings with the driver. I will use the same radar and track speeds at the conclusion of each phase (1, 2, and 3) to compare results and hopefully see an increase. If I can squeeze another 5 mph out, I will be thrilled. 
    All in all, I think this app has phenomenal content. However, the interface is a bit cumbersome at first and there isn't really any type of tutorial to help you navigate the system. It will take a little bit of navigating around and playing with the app to figure out how to actually use it. One thing that I dislike so far is the inability to edit a workout already completed if you are not on or before that calendar day. I am used to completing my workouts in a pencil / paper log book (I'm old school, don't hate) - it helps me know what is coming up so that I can efficiently move from movement to movement. But, if you do not go into the app and start the workout on that calendar day that is scheduled, you will not get credit within the app for completing it. Right now I am showing 1 / 4 workouts as complete in the app, when I have completed 3 / 4. I will begin to use the app as it is designed going forward (at least for the time being), so that I can add the weight and rep information as the workout progresses. We'll see how long this lasts, as I generally try to keep my phone stashed away while I am working out. 
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    TJ Hall reacted to zstokes in Your Putter Decision/Testing Process   
    Putter fitting is 100% worth it, and SAM PuttLab was fantastic for me.
    I used a significantly toe-hung putter for years and that was Allllll kinds of wrong.  I went face balanced and I'm rolling it much better.  It was quite a change to make reading greens, and I'm still working on that.  But I'm not over compensating for poor putter face path now.

    Bettinardi Queen Bee 6, 34" standard shaft.

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    TJ Hall reacted to Siamese Moose in What Have You Bought Lately? (CHA - Club Ho's Anonymous)   
    After two fitting sessions I ordered a set of Ping i530 irons today. Some big changes from my old specs: 1° flat where I was 2° up, added 15 grams of shaft weight, and went a full flex stiffer. My current set (M3) are six years old, and I've been working on my swing a lot in that time. My fitter recommended the retro spec loft, and he says he may bend the longer irons a little weaker still. Once they're in we'll see what the yardages actually come to, and decide about changing or bending my wedges.
    It was nice on the wallet that he recommended I stick with my current woods (G410 driver, Cobra F9 5 and 7), though we did tweak the loft and weight settings. I bought the hybrids last fall, so they were not in play today.
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    TJ Hall reacted to mr.hicksta in What Have You Bought Lately? (CHA - Club Ho's Anonymous)   
    I'm back in the game, y'all! I picked up a Ping G430 Max 9* driver and Mizuno Pro 243 4-PW. Just a minor bag refresh so I can get back to playing regularly again!
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    TJ Hall got a reaction from Shredgolf in MyGolfSpy Forum: How To Be A Tester Guide   
    I am not an expert on this, but read the entire guide and follow the requirements closely.  Inability to follow application instructions guarantees that you will not be selected.
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    TJ Hall got a reaction from ILMgolfnut in Fit For Golf Training App - 2024 Forum Review   
    Interested to see how this works for the testers…enjoy the program.
    Interested to see if this results in any improvement in your golf game!
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    TJ Hall got a reaction from ejgaudette in Fit For Golf Training App - 2024 Forum Review   
    Interested to see how this works for the testers…enjoy the program.
    Interested to see if this results in any improvement in your golf game!
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