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  1. I’m really looking forward to hearing your review, no matter how unofficial it is. I’m making a short list of all the apps/programs out there to allow me to track as much data about my game as I can. Having an app feature is really nice too.
  2. I still think the bigger “problem” with increased distance is how easy club manufacturers have made it to hit solid shots. When I was in high school it was really hard to hit “perfect shots”. MOIs were smaller and material wasn’t as forgiving either. If a change is coming I’d rather see them tweak the tech in club manufacturing to make it challenging to hit those great shots and make it rewarding when you hit one on the screws. All that being said, I can’t think of a time when I wished this game was harder while shooting a score in the mid 80’s .
  3. Good morning, everyone. Busy day ahead with basketball practice and golf lessons then working at the bar later tonight. Going to work on loading my weight on my back swing and getting a better transition coming down. Going to schedule a putter lesson for later in December after the Odyssey arrives. Should be a fabulous day. Hope everyone has a great day ahead as well.
  4. This is the next wedge I go with when I get a new GW.
  5. Really looking forward to seeing him out on tour this year for sure.
  6. Have to say I’m a bit jealous. And I definitely would have tested them out. At least just a little bit.
  7. Good morning, everyone. TGIF. Three weeks to go until winter break. That's my mantra to make it to the end of the day, lol. Hope everyone has a great day ahead!
  8. Instead of a forked tool, I use a single prong device or a tee. I’ve found it to be less prone to tearing the ground. But either way, really wish more people would just take 5 seconds to fix theirs and another 5 seconds to fix one more.
  9. Spot on. Start with the basics like a profile pic and then get involved in discussion a bit. I think most every test includes veteran members as well as relative newbies. I had only been here for around 6 months when I was chosen for my first test.
  10. Final decision to not put the test ball in the bag based on greenside spin or cost? Seems like some of the other data supports the test ball.
  11. Agreed. I definitely plan to watch and want to see him as much as possible but if he's gonna go out and lay an egg, then show the others who are playing well. I don't want to watch anyone play poorly regardless of who it is.
  12. For me, clothes and golf equipment are too personal and hard to get others to buy what I actually want. But I do have the Stack System on my list. I've heard the putting component is really helpful.
  13. I get what you mean by practice team. I thought you mean the regular team getting paid to practice. The practice team is a small group of guys that got cut and get paid like 25k-30k a year. As for golf, I know the guys that get their card do get a base "salary" but I don't recall the amount and if it's the same from top to bottom. I want to say it's like 100k but don't quote me on that. I can say if LIV had all their events in the US, or would at least broadcast them at a more "normal time", I would likely try to watch. But their international approach makes it hard to gain viewership and by nature makes it hard to sell to sponsors in the US.
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