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  1. $280 OBO This was a back-up "driver" for me and is lightly used and in great shape. I'm offering ONE of two shaft options (you pick). Both are Mitsubishi Tensi Blue (both CK), one is 60 Regular and the other is 65 Stiff. Again, I'll ship your choice. Head cover included Any questions, please feel free. Thx for looking
  2. F/S: 2018-19 Scotty Cameron Select Newport – 34” $340 OBO Rarely used in great condition. Actual measurement is a fingernail short of 34". Grip - Matador Midsize If interested, please feel free to DM me. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks for looking. CONUS and legitimate offers only please.
  3. FS: SUB70 4-PW (heads only) $375 OBO 4i head is the 690 PRO model. The remaining 5-PW are the 639CB model. They are .370 heads and need a parallel tip shaft. They are in great condition, lightly played. They are super soft and have a wonderful feel. Lie angle is to manufacturer's specs, loft is bent 1° strong. You will notice in one picture there are a couple of dents in the back from the bending machine. A testament to how soft they are. This DOES NOT effect playability. I should have bent them myself The picture shown of the face is the 8i which has the most wear on it. The other is the 4i just to show the difference FS: Mitsubishi MMT 105TX shaft 4-PW set (heads only). $355 OBO - These shafts are professionally pulled. They are .355 taper tip FS: White Hot #1WS $220 OBO (new) The White Hot #1WS is a wide blade with a slant neck, giving this putter toe hang best suited for strokes with face rotation and arc. This putter features our legendary White Hot insert, available in both a stepped steel and our new red Stroke Lab shaft, each fitted with our gray DFX grip. Extra grip and headcover included. All pics below. Thanks for looking. If interested or would like more information or images, please feel free to DM me.
  4. I have to take exception to this. Full disclosure I work at a big box store. Like any other business the quality of your interaction is in: (1) the person you work with (2) your level of knowledge, discussion, and questions. We are provided a LOT of deep dive information/training from the OEMs, and the ability to demo most everything. It is my job to learn the stuff. Some of us love it, the industry and all things golf, others don't take the time. If you came to our store and of the 10 fitters there, you'll obviously get 10 different experiences. Your job is to know what you're trying to accomplish and if someone is meeting your needs or not. The one place a big box store admittedly may fall short is that we're subject to the offerings of the OEM fitting carts. It's my job to know that stuff inside out, but granted it's not all the possible options. I have fit an awful lot of really good players of the last 5+ yrs and have forged relationships with a handful of local PGA Class-A pros that refer their students to me. Again, we're not all the options, but for the vast majority out there, we're certainly a viable option for more than just accessories. I don't think it's fair to make a blanket statement that we're akin to burger flippers who don't know anything. Also not to mention the clientele that we get who come in and know "way" more than we do because they read the internet. It goes both ways.
  5. FS: New - Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS - $220 OBO - length = 35" - includes head cover & extra midsize grip (see pics) PayPal please and would hope to split shipping cost. Any questions, please feel free. Thx for looking.
  6. sound also has high impact on the perception of feel. I believe that the G425 line (correct if I'm wrong), when PING engineers also truly addressed sound at impact for a "feel" sensation Bottom line - GO PLAY!
  7. I use this ball marker (below), which allows me to place behind the ball and then rotate the middle line based on expected break. then, I line the ball center line up on the marker center line and this gets me putting on my intended putting line.
  8. I’ve been playing the TaylorMade Original One (11.5 head turned down to 10) since it was released. For me a fantastic alternative to the driver. I often play alone on the same course giving me the luxury to hit multiple shots when practicing. After 6+ months of hitting tee shots with both a driver and the Original One, you find out your expected landing spots, the distances etc. The resulting difference was that when I hit them both at 9+/10, the driver is about 8-12yds longer on average. However, for whatever reason the accuracy of the Original One made the choice clear. I’d rather be in the fairway ½ club short than possible vs. OB, in the rough, behind a tree, whatever. Perhaps it’s the ½ to ¾ inch difference in length and smaller face real estate that gives me that confidence over the ball. Lastly, someone previously mention after market shaft. I would completely agree. I think having changed mine out to a Ventus Blue VeloCore made a huge difference. BTW, I also have OEM after market shaft options used in the driver, so the comparison was fair imo.
  9. Those both seem like great choices. A little surprised your fitter didn’t have you try the Titliest TSi2 3W given you’re decision to buy the Titleist hybrid. I think one thing to consider given the Titliest adjustability in your hybrid is to fit it for a specific distance and not for how far you can hit it. Figure out the gap yardage between the 5i & 3HL (say 190 yds) and dial in the hybrid adjustability on the SureFit hosel to that yardage regardless of what the number printed on the club says. If you can’t get it, go back and go up or down in stated loft until you reach your goal. As for the 3HL (16.5) not surprised it goes a little further. That slight increase in launch angle combined with being a bit easier to hit off the deck often results in better face contact at impact keeping the ball in the air longer for more overall distance. Again, the Titleist SureFit adapter adjustability should have provided that option as well.
  10. Titleist 816 H2 hybrid - $110 (includes shipping) loft = 19° shaft = Fujikura Speeder Motore stiff Headcover = included Club has been used, will have expected wear. It was always cleaned after playing and taken care of. 8.5+/10 PayPal only please. If you have any questions, please feel free. Thanks for looking. Fastest way to get in touch - oudefart@gmail.com SHAFTS - $45ea (includes shipping) - X-stiff flex - professionally pulled, NOT tipped Diamana White D70 Matrix HD 6Q3 Red Tie Matrix Ozik 75M Black Tie
  11. Tom - California Cobra LTD - Graphite Design Tour AD 6X 109mph 265+ Instagram = 42golf iPhone 6S
  12. PRICE REDUCED Yours for $600 (free shipping) DM or email me oudefart@gmail.com Thanks for looking
  13. PRICE DROP FOR SALE: MIURA 501 IRON SET - NOW $600 - 4-PW - SHAFT: Aerotech Steelfiber i110 cw (stiff) - GRIP: Golf Pride Multi-Decade Black/Black - SPECS: all set to Miura standard (see graphic) These irons are in nice condition. LOTS of life left in them, the grooves are great. There is expected bag chatter, however they're well taken care of. I cleaned them before/after each shot and again after every round. Admittedly, part of the asking $ is due to the upgraded shaft. I try very hard to describe all items as accurately as possible. I've been buying and selling on eBay for a long time (ID=pgcsf). I keep my items in best condition possible and I have great feedback. Anything, please ask. Free shipping, will ship within 48hrs of received payment. Please DM or email me (Oudefart) and I'll happily include more pics. I will do my best to honor correspondence in order received. Finally, I request all transactions via PayPal. Thanks. Full Set Clubhead 4 thru 6 irons (in reverse order) 7 thru PW (in reverse order) Shaft Grip Specs
  14. Well fellow Spys, it's time for a little spring cleaning. Now that the Masters has "officially" kicked off the golf season, I thought it might be time to share a few things gathering dust in the garage. All items are OBO and WILLING to negotiate. Not trying to get rich, just make it fair. I've been buying and selling on eBay for a long time (ID=pgcsf). I know what things are worth, I keep items in best condition possible and I have great feedback. As for shipping, smaller items are most likely free. Everything else, we will decide best option together and I'd prefer to split cost 50/50. If we agree on a decent price I'll send ship it free. I usually use USPS priority and it's almost always reasonable. Any thoughts/questions we'll work it out. Will ship within 48hrs of received payment. I try very hard to describe all items as accurately as possible. I take great care of my equipment and have no problem passing it on to others to enjoy. Anything, please ask. Please DM or email me (Oudefart) and I'll happily include more pics for any specific item. Thanks. I will do my best to honor correspondence in order received. I reserve the right to end any discussion/agreement should it get nasty (it happens, at least on eBay). Finally, I request all transactions via PayPal. I'd prefer using Friends/Family option to avoid an fees. Thanks. Here's the list: - ODYSSEY PUTTER COVER. Brand new in package. $15 (free shipping) - SOLD - HOGAN APEX PLUS IRON SET Collectors dream. These are brand new, never used. PW has a couple shots on it. Not from me, most likely the person I inherited them from. I'm not looking to make a killing on these, but I'm not keen on giving them away either. Make serious offer, and we'll work it out. - SOLD - MIURA CB-202 (4-PW). 8.5+/10 - These are in great condition, LOTS of life left in them. They have expected bag chatter, however I always use iron covers on them when playing. They have True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts, everything set to Miura stated specs. $700 OBO 4-6 irons 7-PW grip 4 iron - (shows least wear) PW - (shows most wear) FOURTEEN WEDGES: I have 4, one set (all "raw") and one stand alone (chrome). They're all in very nice condition with plenty of life left in the grooves. The "raw" 52* & 56* each have a KBS Onyx wedge shaft. There is expected bag chatter. I try to detail in pictures so there are no surprises, but you'll be pleased, they're all nice. All clubs have the Fourteen grip. $60 OBO individually, or I'll sell the "raw" set for $150 OBO Chrome 56* - "Raw" 56* - SOLD "Raw" 52* - SOLD "Raw" 50* - SOLD Thanks for taking the time to look. Please, any questions just ask away.
  15. Tom San Francisco, CA Strength = creativity, good hands Weakness = 40-60 yds somewhat of a "digger", ball flight too high, short incline chips Wedge #1 = 46* SS, (bent to 48*) 1* up, 36" Wedge #2 =52* SS, (bent to 53*) 1* up, 35.75" Wedge #3 = 56* WS, 1* up, 35.75" shaft - Dynamic Gold X100 - soft stepped grip - Ping Dyla-Wedge White Dot
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