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  1. Thanks MPR! Just ask @Tony Covey MGS . Now I'm debating building a stimp, but at half the energy.
  2. So I have a PuttOut and a indoor mat (birdie ball) that's supposed to be a 10 / 11 on the stimp. If I put a ball into the perfect putt micro target and juuuuuust get it to roll out back down the ramp on the 10 stimp direction, it goes ~30" down the mat, not 18". If I want it to roll out ~18", I need to release it from about the middle of the ramp fork that leads up to the micro-target. How far does it roll out for other folks?
  3. Ben / New York Paderson 100mph Better feel, more distance, better dispersion I have access to a Trackman
  4. Ben New York / USA ​Yup, I use perf tracking No, no GPS watch MyRoundPro for perf tracking Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. Ben / New York Hogan TK 49 / 53 / 57 / 61 Strengths: distance control, Weakness: short bunker shots Handicap: 7.6
  6. Performance The first thing I noticed with this grip on was how tight my distance dispersion got on medium length putts. I have a tendency to flip at the ball a bit through impact when I think my stroke isn't quite long enough and therefore tend to blow the occasional putt way past the hole. With the Forward, that seemed to quiet down, likely thanks to the large size of the grip. I was consistently rolling the ball, with less of that late flippy hit. It really helped cut down on three putts for me too. The other big difference I found was on short putts. Compared to putting with the Pi
  7. Howdy, I'm a 8 handicap, been playing golf for about 25 years. I've used a variety of putters over the years, starting with a Bullseye and I'm now using a Bettinardi Kuchar, non-armlock. I generally use either a Superstroke Ultra Slim 1.0 or a Cameron Pistolero on the Bettinardi, so the Forward grip was quite a departure. I installed the grip by blowing it on with an air compressor. This proved pretty difficult, partially because the fit is so tight and paritally because the grip is so large that it doesn't fit in the grip fitting I have (from Pure Grips). I solved that probl
  8. SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 and a Scotty Cameron Pistolero. Blown on, so I switch based on feel.
  9. Handicap: 6 Hogan has always meant "the best". I've played Hogan irons as long as I've been playing golf, and I still play a set of 1999 Apex Plus irons. I started on the Edge, moved on to Apex blades in 97, then on to the Apex Plus in 2000. I've been playing them since. I've tried a number of other irons over the years, but never really found anything I liked more than my Hogans. I'm really happy to finally see a manufacturer who is standing up to the number racket that has been going on for the past couple decades. Lower lofts and longer shafts, just so I can hit a six further and fu
  10. I got a set of the green (medium firmness) grips a couple weeks back, and I thought I'd share. I got the kit with the installer plus the set of grips. Shipping was on time and easy, came straight from Arizona. No install instructions are included with the grips, but with the videos on the web and the overall simplicity of the process, not a big deal. I had to run out to my local hardware store and pick up a fitting to connect the gun to my air compressor. I think the gas to get there and back cost more than the part. Anyway, stripped my old grips (.580 round on a .600 butt) and all th
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