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  1. Good morning, Spies! Going to see my nephew’s soccer game early this morning, then FABWIFE and I have dinner at the restaurant where we went after getting engaged. Should be a fun day. I hope you all have wonderful Sundays! Now I leave in search of Java…
  2. They really were. And all decent swings were pretty much the same. I will post more complete data when I get into a sim. There is no doubt the standard Qi10 is forgiving and consistent.
  3. Thanks Jason! The weather is glorious. My swing will get better if it kills me. The accuracy of the Qi10 is so impressive!
  4. Good range session today with the Qi10. This driver is accurate! My swing is still flawed. After the winter layoff, I am coming over the top, my hands too high, and my takeaway is too inside, so I am losing distance. And the local range here in Bonita has pretty spongy range balls. (Enough with the excuses, Indy!) Thanks to @GolfSpy_BEN for the tee holder recommendation! That said, any decent swing with the Qi10 sends the ball into the imaginary fairway. I am very impressed with the forgiveness of the Qi10. Very. Look at these bad swings and check out the accuracy! Rapsodo_MLM2PRO_176853_02031004export.mov Rapsodo_MLM2PRO_176853_02031008export.mov After banging balls with the Qi10, I hit just a few with the Paradym TD and the Otto-Phlex shaft. There was an immediate increase of 2-3 mph of ball speed, even with my current power leaking swing. Of course it is too soon to reach any conclusions, but this will be interesting to track! All data is from the MLM 2 Pro with spongy balls.
  5. Shotscope, which @cksurfdude was kind enough to sell to me! I’m still learning it but it’s pretty great!
  6. I went back and looked at driver data from the round at Old Corkscrew. I hit the Qi10 driver 7x. 4 were decent swings. As I said yesterday I have a casting problem I need to fix today. Of those four three were in the fairway and one missed just left. That is an improvement in accuracy. I typically don’t miss horribly when I am swinging better, but I do miss right into the short rough frequently. The Qi10 has not yet shown that tendency. It was great to knock some winter rust off. I played with my brother and we had a great time, and we ended up tying with poor scores, which eases that pain. Now I am off to the range to fix the swing again, I hope, and gain some data to share.
  7. I have to agree with all on the accuracy front. More to come when I can write more up, but playing yesterday I hit an unheard of (for me) 71% of fairways. Now I did not hit driver all the time, but when I did even mishits went straight. And I agree re toe hits; those also went straight or a little right but not OB or even near. They went high and pretty straight which was good to see. I have not yet unlocked the distance potential but I think that is a swing issue (casting - costing me lots of clubhead speed) that I intend to fix at the range in the morning and then report back. So far I am favorably impressed.
  8. Good morning Spies! After a late late night of work, it’s exciting to be up early to join my brother late morning for 18 holes at Old Corkscrew in Naples. @sirchunksalot good luck today! I wish you all super days!
  9. Good points. I'm not arguing with you, to be clear. In fact I agree 100%. Just sharing my experience, and concurring that the abilities of the individual fitter are what matters, and not the name above or on the front door.
  10. Thank you @RickyBobby_PR! I hope you are right generally. But I have to say my last fitting at Club Champion in 2023 was nowhere near as good as the one in that video, and I got mis-fit as a result. Which ties back to the origin of this thread - how to trust your fitter? Good recommendations above.
  11. Mats themselves are not awful IMO if the mats are in decent shape. I vastly prefer grass however. Now, mats that will not accept wooden tees, or with short/crappy rubber tees or no tee at all - hurrible, turrible.
  12. Not to hijack this thread, but I saw this fitting video yesterday and was amazed at the efficacy and efficiency of the fitting. I have never had a fitting this well done, with this level of communication, and with this level of insight and customization. Mine were usually just "try this" "now try this" until a few worked well, then A vs. B until complete. No weight changes. No relatively slight shaft changes or loft/lie adjustments. Am I an outlier? If most fittings are this good, then I have definitely been going to the wrong places. This seems like a perfect example of an excellent fitting to me. I also wish I had that much swing speed!
  13. Totally understand the need for ads. I dont' know why I get an "ad" that shows various people doing various athletic things, but which sells nothing. I'm glad to see it, though. That ballerina . . . lol.
  14. I concur totally with Ben. Toe misses, to which I am prone, still fly pretty well with only some lost distance but good dispersion. I will *try* to replicate toe misses and measure data on results, and I suspect Ben will do the same. He is probably a good enough golfer to do so; for me, we'll see.
  15. This is such a great and informative thread. Thank you! I have tried and loved the DF 2.1 and like the looks of the 3.0. Before taking the plunge, I have to ask if anyone here putts like me with a very open stance, but shoulders square to the line. I am not comparing myself to Jack Nicklaus by saying my stance is similar to his. I presume the LAB putters would provide the same benefits with the open stance, but can anyone here confirm or deny that? Thank you in advance for any help or info you can provide!
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